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  1. Maybe someone can help me with this. I installed it and filled out all the fields, when i run it i get an error about a server exception and then i have to alt+ctrl+del to cancel "Interface_prj". I downloaded from the rapidshare link a few posts up and did this all twice and both outcomes are the same. Thanks, MF
  2. you can link it to a drive. Right click on the icon and in the Command line type in "C:" or "D:" and that will open the drive in explorer.
  3. Am i able to put Vistas media center on an XP system at all? If this is not possiable is there anything close to it? I know they have the 2005 windows xp media center, but i like the looks of vistas better. Thanks, MF
  4. Does anyone have the files for all the vista games. (Minesweepere, hearts etc.) Im looking for the whole pack. Thanks, MF
  5. that is what i am currently using so i will say yes.
  6. Downloaded this also, this is working perfect. I can run dual aspects to monitor both of my hard drives and i also like all the little features you added in. Nice work. 5stars. Thanks, MF
  7. ModFreak

    Font Color

    Does anyone know a way to change the color of the font for object dock? Is it something inside the .dll i cab edit ot is it a basic white no matter what? Thanks, MF
  8. that works so much better. Now do you or anyone know the folder i can find the .exe to open up windows Date Time window? I would like to link that to this docklet. Works so much smoother now. Thanks for this. Nice work. Thanks, MF
  9. I have no problem helping debug. Thanks to you for releasing such a nice docklet. I will be looking for that new updated release.
  10. Well i have it set up and have even refreshed OD and my title says "Docklets Digitalclock Icon" where can i go to change this. I personally think it would be better to show the date rather then the time. Also is there any way to link it so it opens up windows calendar when clicked on? Still like it though. Thanks, MF
  11. working better this time. Still had to refresh OD (no big deal). The only other thing is that i can not change my title on mouse over. I went into the options and changed it and its still the stock title. Nice work.
  12. Im sorry i cant help but was wondering where you got those icons? Thanks.
  13. Downloaded it and it shows the docklet in my dock but the time does not show up in it. I am using XP if that helps any.
  14. those are nice. if anyone else has any please share. Thanks nhborn57
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