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  1. I would get GMail however I want to stick with my current Email address, since I use them to subscribe to sooo many services, @Matonga may u please help, your more knowledgeable in this field, as u being a developer for Windows & OS X, may ya help?
  2. Hello everyone, I've recently installed OS X, but before that I did an online chat with an Apple person (over the store site) and I asked if Mail.app can check AOL, Windows Hotmail, and Yahoo (regular). He said yup and I was like sweet! So when I get around to opening Mail, I set up my AOL account flawlessly, not so much the others. For using Live I found this plugin for Mail that let's me check my MSN account, though it won't delete the messages from the server and just come back as "new mail" which is like, ok wtf? The plugin I use the attached plugin for checking my Hotmail account. And for
  3. Dude this is great, hey may I use them to update my curosr pack (on my DA page, I have a pack of OS X cursor woth an assortment of different colors) my DA page is here
  4. Try RevoUninstaller (search in PCWorld.com) gt thr portable version. It's a HIGHLY recommended uninstaller that can make a restorepoint before Uninstall and delete registry keys of the app and left over files and your HardDrive
  5. ya click the user's name and select, Send Message. Also i would like it if i have those icons plz
  6. I might give a try, will be good for my iPhone and my PC Notebook (and maybe my future MacBook Pro)
  7. Dang. So what ur saying is the only chat apps that can have vid/mic conferencing is Live, AIM, & iChat?
  8. Y Digsby? how is it? Does it meet the questions I asked on the first post?
  9. Um, thxn fro the info I guess? And I only asked 'cause I thought that if u screwed up just once it'll f**k up the Comp so hard. But nvm that, if Miranda doesn;t have conferencing then its a no go for me. Thnx KAWSquared, for the info
  10. Hello AqiaCommunity. I'm a along tim AIM user. So I even used up to 6.9BETA2. Though on my system, on occasions when I have both XWD and AIM open I get the deadly BSOD! SO i've heard of Miranda IM. Though I'm a bit lost, I don't know much about it. Does it support multiChats? Does it have VideoConferencing? And can anyone tell me how to install correctly then customize it to give it the best Leopard iChat interface? Thnx to all of you who help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Second topic: Can anyone recommend good screen recording Apps (prefer good free
  11. It's not that I won't try it, it's just that I can't try it. I'm 14, so I still have my dad around me. He purchased Norton 09 so we can both use 'em. He'll get severely pissed if I didn't use it and make him waste money when there's a cheaper version available for just one licensee instead of 3. Plus I'm happy with Norton, even, and when, I get a Mac; even though it's so far virus free, I'll use Norton for that "I'M A FREAKING BEAST" kinda security
  12. Look guy. The new version I use (Internet Sceurity 09) is not much or a resource hog on my PC. Infact it's better that compared to 08. So I'll still keep it
  13. What I'm gonna do is install then reinstall Norton. Then see what happens. This will be my PlanB, thnx sccissorhands
  14. Um, with TuneUp utilities there's an option that it can add the Copy/Move To Folder option in the context menu. However I want to know whats the exact registry location 'cause this happened. I guess my Norton 09 did a pulse update and now when I rightclick on file/folder the menu uses the system colors and shows the Norton icon where it says "Scan this file/folder". This wasn't like this the day before so it HAS to be Norton. If anyone knows how to fix this issue I'm having plz help? Here's an image of what I mean . Please anyone help in anyway they can Re-Titled - thanks mps69 probl
  15. Um yes it can work with Windows I believe. All you need is to purchase one of the 4 adapters Apple made. MiniDVI-DVI, [MiniDVI - VGA (idk about that one)], MiniDisplay-DVI, and MiniDisplay-VGA.
  16. well sorry to disappoint u dude. The latest full version for Safari (3.2.2) for Windows also has the aqua UI. But these are specially coded and made for these apps. It's deeply intergraded with the app which derived from Mac OS X. So I think what ur trying to accomplish has been the dream for us emulators for AWHILE now.
  17. I have the latest version of the flurry screensaver here's the link: http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?ski...75&libid=40 I think ya may have the old version. I have a crappy VideoCard and it works fine, remember first right click it and select Test. If still low change the extension to .sCr. If still slow, rightclick it, elect configure and there's schemes (Classic, Fire, Aqua, etc) And buffering modes (3 of 'em) select each one and see if it's the one for you
  18. Looks cool, does it work for Vista? And what's that Spaces icon ya have in your dock? What app do ya use?
  19. Hey I have Windows Vista SP1 32bit (x64) and bookmarks work completely fine for me. I can add, erase, edit, and sync bookmarks to my iPhone perfectly fine. I think it's a problem with your system, not Safari
  20. dude, yeah, for the Windows Version though. If ya have Mac OS X Leopard it looks like how it should but other wise Apple gave Windows a Fast Compass but the looks of something very Googly
  21. I installed it, tested it and I must say, afar from the GUI, it's great. However, it's not properly skinned if you use WindowBlinds. The images are messed up and everything, however it looks OK if you use a visual style. Though now it looks more like something out of Google rather than from Apple, animations have been cut out like when saving passwords or adding a bookmark. The progress bar in the address bar was taken out and instead you have to look at a throber to the right of the address. (This is a minor one)Even fonts like Lucida Grande aren't used in the bookmarks bar so for example if
  22. I haven't installed it yet. Love the new features and performance improvements but i hate it that the fact they got rid of the OS X styled GUI. I wish they can out an option in preferences called "Themes" 4 saying Aqua, Graphite, Windows Aqua, Windows Graphite, and a tick box enabling/disabling the up/down arrows to be together
  23. Ok I use (as of now) Aim v6.9 Beta2. It's great but I also have IM accounts for Yahoo and MSN. So I found a youtube video from Chris Pirillo talking about BeeJive for the iPhone, an all-in-one IM app that works great. He mentioned for desktops to use other apps and he mentioned Miranda IM. I've seen post before that if ya dont do things right you make screw up your computer. So can anyone help me to correctly install the latest version of Miranda IM, install a Leopard iChat theme, and install any plugins that I need to almost perfectly emulate Leopard's iChat? Thanks again AquaCommunity and p
  24. Ok, so far it works great, I added XWindowsDock to the stickys option so it wouldn't break. And dang that sux, oh well, guess I'll ask Atreiu or something
  25. Hey, I used to use DExpose back in Sept 08 but that was back before I knew the project was being picked up again. SO I found the forum and there were updates. I went to the new download page and there are 3 version to download. Standalone, Final, and Installer. Can any of you guys tell what's the difference between the 3 of them? I have Vista SP1 32bit. And also does this work well with XWindowsDock? Thanks again!
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