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  1. 0.2.9 released, with new improvements, check first page
  2. i will put the 0.2.3 un compatible skins in a seperated folder, the remain will be compatible with 0.2.7 version, i will try to fix the explorer close button problem, yeah but still long way to function it , anyway thanks for the feedback
  3. well most of them specify which version it works with, but the problem that most of them works with 0.2.3 only.
  4. 0.2.7 Released, Check First Page for More Info
  5. a temp fix if the program crash on startup Download Fix : http://komalo.deviantart.com/art/Border-Skin-0-2-5-Fix-152413437
  6. Border Skin is back can anyone of the admins change the topic page to this it seems that i can't edit the topic page anymore [b]Border Skin[/b] [img=http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x281/komalo/BorderSkin/BorderSkin.jpg] Border Skin is a free portable software designed to bring effects to windows, is was designed first to skins the windows borders by skins composed of png images, but now it is on its way to a fully new surprise. [b]Author[/b] Mohamed Kamal [b]Requirements[/b] .Net Framework 3.5 [b]News[/b] currently border skin is designed to be an effects program which means you can
  7. new version is coming soon and will have better background moving
  8. Version 0.2.3 Released, Check Main Post for more info
  9. Glass CMD for XP after the release of Glass CMD for Vista/7, some of my friends on dA asked me to make one for XP, so here it is Author Mohamed Kamal Requirments : Needs at Least .Net Framework 3.5 : Here Updates : not too much just updated the look and enabled the right click menu, adjusted scroll bar and the blur edges, increased the width, with some other improvements Download : From dA : Here Original Idea and Vision for Vista By fediaFedia : Here
  10. Thanks For the title border font Try this : right click on "My Computer" choose properties switch to "Advanced" tab and click on "Settings" button in "Performance" from the list check or screen properties>appearance>effects check the second box and use Standard the "Smooth edge of screen fonts" checkbox and click OK i will look now in the strokeIt problem
  11. Version 0.2.1 Release, Check Main Post
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