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  1. Oh of COURSE yes! I'm talking about you and your website. I switched to a Mac (MBP) last summer so I've been out of the Windows->Mac customizing scene. But FlyakiteOSX was awesome when I was using windows. Thanks!
  2. Once upon a time here, an Aqua-Soft member had a website where the interface to the website was a pretty good imitation of a Mac desktop. It was someone well-known but I can't think of the person or site right now because it's been so long. Does anyone remember who and/or where the site is if it still exists?
  3. Work on the icons as images, then turn back into icon. Both of these are for Macs, both are called img2icns, but they are different programs. http://www.shinyfrog.net/en/software/img2icns/ http://www.kaintek.com/?page_id=14
  4. Does anyone have or know where I can get the Firefox icon in Astyanax's screenshot over on devArt? Thanks!
  5. Well, Shapeshifter so far hasn't done anything worse to my system (Intel, MBP) that Windowblinds/UXtheme didn't do to my Windows laptop. Take from that what you will.
  6. This might be of interest to other people. I switched to Mac recently after years (!) of hanging out here on Aqua-Soft. I've been really impressed with the indie developer Mac shareware scene and recently, by some of the attempts at creating viral marketing schemes for Mac apps. One of them is called Macheist: http://macheist.com/. They are currently selling a bundle of popular Mac software for $50. This includes Shapeshifter (the Windowblinds of Mac OS X) which normally costs $20. So, if you can find at least one other app in that bundle that you might want, chances are you could get
  7. Been waiting so long too. Just to give you guys a heads up, Shapeshifter is being sold as part of a bundle of some pretty nice Mac shareware this week at Macheist: http://macheist.com/ I picked it up myself that way too.
  8. For pete's sake, I'm already using Konfabulator! Can you show me a widget that ACTS LIKE RAINLENDAR instead of just throwing out names of random programs that have random widgets that have one minimal calendaring function? Certainly doesn't seem to exist if you search the Konfabulator widget gallery. Doesn't seem to exist if you search the Dashboard widget gallery (even if Dashboard would show up on the desktop). People keep repeating the same programs over and over (which I've already said don't work) and none of them are actually functional in the proper way.
  9. *sighs* Yes there are many out there, but nothing that does it all. Dashboard is not an option because there is no *useful* (e.g. not standing on top of all open windows all the time) way of sticking them on the desktop. Thanks, but I think it's pretty obvious that what I (and others) are looking for just simply does not exist for the Mac.
  10. I am using Dashboard on my MBP so yes it works. However there aren't any suitable widgets for Dashboard that display a monthly view with events displayed for each day. The best they have is a "Today's Events" type deal which shows the events for the day.... but this is really limited compared to Rainlendar which can show you a month (or more) and can color/tag dates with events of each type all in one view. I am sad that this is actually one place where the PC app really beats out anything that offered so far on the Mac side.
  11. From what I could find online, no. That is why this devmode business doesn't work either... I'm not about to stick a calendar on top of all my windows! All that does is make it so I don't have to run Terminal to get into devmode. It still keeps all the widgets on top of everything. Man, I really miss the simplicity and functionality of Rainlendar!
  12. I already had searched both sites. PandoCalendar probably comes the closest to imitating Rainlendar, but it lacks the ability to set recurring events and to categorize/label events by type.
  13. Well, my old Dell laptop was dying and it is now time for me to make the jump to the Intel Macs. I have an MBP which I am just starting to set up. One of the programs I miss the most is Rainlendar... Is there anything similar available for Macs? I haven't found any Dashboard or Konfabulator widgets that have all the features of Rainlendar that I think are highly desirable: 1) Calendar stays on desktop (e.g. Dashboard widgets don't) 2) Displays some sort of indication of events on the days (highlights days in color) 3) Can mouse over to see a day's events without having to launch iCal/etc. 4
  14. What do I do if I want to get rid of the attentionpic completely? If I just clear the file path, it'll restore one I close the settings panel.
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