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  1. Thanks, i didnt know Cairo moved to a new website
  2. Can someone please upload cairo milestone 3 i cant find it enywhere and the website is down
  3. if you are using vista switch your visual style to vista basic
  4. nice and ill sure be using them with Candybar
  5. ill take it to repare ive tried everything i cant get it to work
  6. I tried to hold the reset button for mins but it just keeps on tuning on and off showing the same screen and when i connect it to itunes the computer nor the ipod reacts so i cant restore it is there a program or something to restore my ipod without itunes
  7. I wanted to downgrade my ipod so i got a 1.1.4 fermware which came in three parts but when i pressed shift restore i choosethe wrong one and know my Ipod is bricked and all it displays is this and when i connect it to my computer it says "The Ipod update server could not be contacted ther is not enough memory avalible" and the Ipod does ot react how can fix this im using Mac OS X Tiger
  8. its fine now it was a problem with the browser
  9. thanks it almost works perfectly now
  10. I dont know if this is happing to enybody else but when i logi n to aqua soft every time i click on some thing like view new posts it keeps on loging me out
  11. I gust relized that i have a warn thing what did i do wrong?
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