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  1. copy "current" folder to "tools" folder, and remane to "default". after that. replace what you want. (same size recommended) open the config.txt that come with xskimaker, than create a name for the skin. save, than drag n' drop config.txt on xskinmaker icon. it should create a skin file. copy the file to xwd skins folder. than select it. hope it help. sorry my english btw.
  2. awesome! how do i choose the blue version?
  3. excellent wallpaper. but i cannot download. has a error. i don't know what is but... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- sorry my bad bad english
  4. well, i have created a "stack from explorer". the files are shortcuts. and they don't have the same name as the .exe to problem is the stack is showing the .exe name. i want to know how to rename. if it is possible. screen shot attached. sorry my english.
  5. hey man you can get it on rubenernesto leopardinspirat http://rubenernesto.deviantart.com/art/Leo...rat-XP-94418038. I hope I help you ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sorry my bad english
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