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  1. Thats right no links that I have googled for work all sql:server errors so no links. I belive the Author of the software passed away so Im not sure if it has been pulled from family members of what but if somebody has it please post a temp link or email me at [email protected] thanks alote
  2. Can somebody huck me up with a download link to the program Sofa 0.6. All the links when Googled do not work Macupdate, ect. or send it to me email... Thanks
  3. I have never cared for dark themes, until today... you hit it right on the nose....great job
  4. I used a program a while back to edit the logon background but i forgot what it was (not reshack) neither....???? ---------------------------- This is a [Help] thread. Also, try to be at the very least informative in your thread name. "Logon Background?..." won't cut it. The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  5. Can you please add the option for the start button w/windows flag
  6. I would like to know where most people go to find good visual styles, icons, games availible, software and third party cases and hardware.
  7. Description Item Specifics - Apple Desktops Product Family: PowerMac G4 Memory (RAM): 256 MB Processor Type: Single Hard Drive Capacity: 17 GB Processor Speed: 500 MHz Screen Size: -- Operating System: Mac OS X Condition: -- Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics) Hardly Used DVD Player 256 MB SDRAM SCSI QUANTUM ATLAS 10K 18WLS: Capacity: 17.11 GB ATY,Rage128Pro Dual Video Card Is this a bad deal $547.95
  8. Could some body make me a really nice startbutton w/windows flag to go w/replace stephanos snowpanther them please....:)
  9. does this have the windows flag as well as the VS from kol and if not will it
  10. I have a new bootscreen i would like to use but were is it located and how do i replace it? I heard that it is the c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl... but i tried copying the new file to over write and then rebooted but nothing, nay help woud be greatly apreciated . ------------------ Please, tag your threads. This is a [help] The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  11. How on earth did you get colored labels under your folders????
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