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  1. Hi, i need help changing these 3 icons on Windows Explorer, i've tried a Google search but just can't find ay info about it.. The 3 icons circled in red />http://i.imgur.com/mJNCZ.jpg Any ideas?
  2. Styler has started giving me problems a few days ago, everytime i open "My PC" the system hangs and all i can do is restart, at first i thought it could be a drivers problem but after trial and error i've found Styler to be the problem, uninstalling it fixes the issue. I'm using latest release 1.401 is there any other program to replace it? i never had any problems with it before, and i don't feel like reinstalling the OS, i'm using XP SP3. EDIT: So, i did a reinstall with a fresh XP SP3 copy and... to my surprise the problem persists, so now i'm sure it's a Styler poblem with SP3, unless i'm
  3. Ok, i had another crash with Rocket Dock so i'm moving to ObjectDock, however i don't know how to add this docklet into it, i put the stacks folder into C:program files> stardock> objectdock> docklets but it doesn't appear in the docklets list, any help really appreciated... EDIT: Nevermind, i was missing the stacklib.dll... working now, let's see for how long...
  4. Hi, first of all thanks to matonga for releasing such an awesome app, i'm using it since version 1... However, i moved to Win7 32 bits a month ago, and i'm having hard times with RocketDock, last night was the 4 time it crashed baddly, when i started the system it gave me an error like "RD failed to load your icons last time, would you like to load default icons" or something like that, and there's nothing i can do to save my current config so, i have to do it all over again. Don't know if this bug is related to RD or to the stack itself, but something strange i noticed is, the last time i w
  5. I want to try a Shell replacement for my XP SP3 install, but with so many different options i don't know which one would be the best option for me, i want to use Findexer, or even better, is there any shell that includes a Findexer like sidebar?
  6. I have a fresh XP SP3 install, used Tuneup to change the Boot and Logon screens with no problems, and now i want to change this window It's been ages since the last time i reinstalled so, i don't remember how i did it, but i think it was with FlyAKite 3.5. Any ideas of how to do this? either with FAK or any other app?
  7. Hi, im in the process of customizing XP after a reinstall, my question is... Is there any way of enable the use of bigger icons besides installing FlyAKyte's shell32.dll? I'm using Styler, Icon Packager and WB 6. As you can see, the HD and DVD icons are so small compared to every other. Thanx...
  8. Well, after another XP reinstall finally got it to work ... the problem was a damn virus called "ckvo.exe", i have 2 HD's with 2 partitions each, and the bastard was living in one of the partitions which i didn't formated, so... long story short, i formatted EVERY partition (after an external HD back up of course) reinstalled XP, WB and it's working. This virus is spread via Flash USB's as long as i read, but NOD32 could not clean it from my PC so every time Windows boots, automagically it screws the registry, hence the corrupted titlebars and some other device problems. Anyways... thre
  9. But it was working last week Altough im unsure as which version of XP i had... normal or the UE 7 edition... another format is coming Thanx anyways...
  10. Ehm..... does it makes a difference?? Yeah.. cracked WB... i tested the same theme in another computer with normal XP SP2 and it's working fine... So either... its a conflict with any FlyAKite dll or it's my punishment for been a pirate... arghh arghhh¡¡¡
  11. Heres a screenshot... im under XP SP2, FlyAKite 3.5 and WindowBlinds 6.1... Just formatted my HD (trojan...) and they were corrupted BEFORE installing Finderbar, Findexer and Styler, so it's not a compatibility issue, strange thing is that everything was working fine before the Windows reinstall, im using the same theme i had (Leopard Glass) and the same happens with every other WB theme. So far ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling every app, tried applying/Re-applying the skin several times, applying the skins with the "Classic Windows Style" in "screen properties" and still no luck...
  12. Thanx for the reply but... forsome reason it isn't working... also in the process the title bars in every window got corrupted.
  13. Thanx... just installed Styler Toolbar and its working great... However i can't find that toolbar skin... can anyone link me?? or at least tell me the name of it??
  14. How to get rid of the menu in the explorer window?? im using WB 6 and Findexer but can't find such an option...
  15. Hi, i want to replace both skins, so far ive tried replacing bitmaps 100 and 2005 in the Windows/FlyAKite/logonui.exe folder and it worked (kind of...) i replaced the background (100.bmp) between the "loading" and "logon" screens... but as soon as the logon screen appears it changes to the aqua wallpaper again. Also i replaced the logon window (2005.bmp) but when i reboot it doesn't change. Ive found this thread http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/archive/ind...hp?t-32467.html about this same issue, and at the very bottom there's a post about a tool in version 3.5 that makes it easy to change sy
  16. It gives me this error: "unable to find installer.installstate" Any help??
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