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  1. If you want a gameing Windows, try vista... 2009: Apple -> 3000€ notebooks, in these times? Exactly the right thing. A Mac Mini for 500-600€ would be inappropriate wouldnt it... MS: 7 is going to be gooooooooooood.
  2. Its the way the OS renders ie "draws" the fonts. Windows uses a very oldfashioned and ugly way to display fonts, gdi++ hacks into the process and tries to imitate the OSX look in Windows. Search gdi++ here and youll find more
  3. No you cant get it work because the mac skins use the cocoa engine and therefore resources that windows cannot offer.
  4. Heres my config for vista and LCD monitors: [General] HookChildProcesses=1 HintingMode=1 AntiAliasMode=2 MaxHeight=0 FontLoader=1 GammaMode=0 GammaValue=1 Contrast=1 RenderWeight=1.1 NormalWeight=1 BoldWeight=1 ItalicSlant=1 LcdFilter=1 LoadOnDemand=1 CacheMaxFaces=32 CacheMaxSizes=32 CacheMaxBytes=4194304 BolderMode=1 TextTuning=-1 MultiINISelector=1 [individual] [Exclude] Marlett [ExcludeModule] fontview.exe msdev.exe devenv.exe gditray.exe [GdiTray] MultiINISelector=0 RedrawDelay=50 CoolMenu=1
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