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  1. Just thought I'd let you know that the link is broken...
  2. Similar FS? What do you mean by FS?
  3. So I simply asume that there are no plans right now to release a port of that theme to Firefox?
  4. ****ie attack: Isn't OSX's core Darwin? Or is it that Darwin is a variation and/or runs under Unix?
  5. You... I'm taking this to PM. abusive-one... <_
  6. I read somewhere that you had to format your iPod in someway so that you Winamp can detect or something... Gaaaah, I can't even follow myself!
  7. I have 2 programs, but I get crappy performance in both. 1. mlMac 2. Poisoned You should search either "VersionTracker" or "SoureForge"... I think both of them are opensource.
  8. *dies out of jealousy* Could you teach all of us how to open ports in the LAN's server? I get crappy performance both in BitTorrent and Online Games... My brother, who has the server computer, tops the speed of his downloads and can play online games with not even one problem. Pretty please? Explain us? :cry:
  9. Eeeww... horror movies... >.< I watched "The Ring" once... I couldn't enter the bathroom for hours after seeign it because I thought that Samara would come out of the mirror to eat me while I was in there... *shivers*
  10. Uhm... Not that I've seen at least. Naruto is pretty much all I watch nowdays. I could recommend you several other series, but they are a bit older. Not distributed on BitTorrent and/or have been licensed. But we are sooo going offtopic.
  11. Not to mention that it's a breath of originality in a really square pool of designs.
  12. You are right. I'm sorry for my ignorance. It's just that I gained knowledge of Samurize as the "Widget App for Windows", so... And anyway, that wasn't the point. I was just making a reference to Konfabulator in case Jesus didn't know the program. We were discussing that gear-like button, you know...
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