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  1. Hey guys! Just switched back to XP and was wondering what you guys/ladies recommended as far as a dock app. Your suggestions, pros/cons are all appreciated. Thanks!
  2. It's giving me the dual boot option menu when I start my computer...How can I FULLY uninstall XP now that I've decided to use Ubuntu?
  3. hey all, i appreciate all of the input. I'm pretty set on downloading Ubuntu now...I just need a little more advice on whether I should download the 32 or 64 bit, desktop edition, ubuntu, kubuntu, gobuntu, etc. Thanks!
  4. Hey all. So, I'm kind of getting tired of XP and some of its shortcomings and was thinking about switching over to Ubuntu. I'm just curious what those of you who have tried both think about the two of them. What are their pros and cons? How difficult is it to find compatible software for Ubuntu? Which do you prefer? Yada Yada... I appreciate those of you who respond and the advice.
  5. Check It Out: http://stlphx.deviantart.com/art/February-Desktop-111906156
  6. Haha, why's that? I mean by no means am I a huge billabong person (i just liked the hat) but what's the big problem with them?
  7. http://stlphx.deviantart.com/art/Billabong-109690853 Simple.
  8. My first desktop shot, sorry no preview. Let me know what you think though. Thanks! http://stlphx.deviantart.com/art/January-S...nshot-109627843
  9. Yeah that's what I'm talking about...but is there one that can be used on Windows XP?
  10. I was wondering if one of you more talented folks out there could find a program or develop a program that make iTunes work as an alarm clock. I know MAC's have the Awaken 4 program, I was wondering if XP had one or if one could be developed. Thanks!
  11. Hey all! I was wondering what some of you use instead of iTunes. I'm not too pleased with iTunes and was seeing if there were any other good programs to use to manage my music and iPod. Thanks for the input!
  12. Awesome website!!!! very very cool.
  13. Okay I'm sorry if this has been covered, but how do you replace the "my computer", "control panel", etc. default icons and make them stay instead of them being replaced every time?????
  14. When you download iTunes, why does it come with a skins folder with themes in it if you cannot apply them?
  15. Oh shit really?? Yeah I'm running XP...there's no way huh?
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