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  1. Works perfectly on a K700i. Thanks very much for this nice job
  2. I was very busy but now I´m here, thanks
  3. Theme: SmoothStripes Sunken Traffic Icons: Extreme drives by bombia and Minium Wall: old mdc stuff
  4. My second shot Theme: Paper & Plastic Icons: Minium Wall: Picture I found in Spymac
  5. The icon is on a package that comes with Pixadex called "On safari"
  6. My first mac: Alubook 17" 1,5Gb ram... Default theme wallpaper extract from a DJ shot Extreme drives by Bombia and Minium
  7. Thanks very much friends....and yeah, Lenny is awesome, I love it
  8. Something different this time... and a very long time without a dtop
  9. OMG!, how nice is that theme Thanks very much Krezno and of course, congratulations on this beautiful and hard work
  10. And a small update to Handel Ghotic fantastic font...
  11. Jumpin´in the Alienware wagon... VS:Alienware WIP theme by DigitalJames porting by me (in progress) Wall: Willow by DigitalJames Icons: Alienware
  12. WOW Bubba, you´re the GOD of themes now. Thanks very much for this ports, very fast and very nice Best regards
  13. I have got a personal mod of TiSkin like the first image. Without the line and with 0 pixel border Send me an email : max79 in lycos.es
  14. Oh thanks!!, thanks very much. I ported PowerMetal myself and don´t see the danimator´s port
  15. Im searching it for ages, please, any have it? Thanks in advance
  16. Wall: #808080 VS: PowerMetal MaxStyle Iconos: H30 by Miloszwl
  17. Swiz makes the most awesome themes! OMG Well, a week ago I make a personal port of Simplex 2.0 SIMPLEX 2.0
  18. PowerMetal Maxstyle VS: Powermetal Swizstyle by Kevin Husted ported and modded by me Objectbar: PowerMetal Swizstyle by me Icons: G5 folders and WOA drives modded by me A lot of things finished, a lot unfinished
  19. max


    wow thanks, glade you like it. Wait a few days please to finish
  20. max


    Here is my personal port. I think this is you want Graphic Adam. Without the top border and 0 pixel border window It´s under construction
  21. WinXP on Ti wagon VS: TiSkin by Xanthic + Power Metal by Swizcore (personal mod and port) Wall: TiSkin Icons: Xanthic folders and G5 Drives Dock: Objetdock and a background by me for the ocasion ObjectBar: TiSkin by Xanthic ported by me
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