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  1. Our school just spent a stupid amount of money on new PCs. They are dell's. Optiplex 755's I think. 2ghz core 2 quad, 3gb ram, 500GB hd, 20" widescreens.... It's pointless. OK, they are fast but we use them for doing stuff in MS word.
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, this seemed the best place for it On objectdock you can 'reverse' the edge of the screen. So when you maximize a window, there is a gap at the bottom or whatever, where the dock is and nothing goes over the top of it. Anyone know any way I can get it to work with rocketdock on vista?
  3. This is absolutely brilliant! Keep up the awesome work
  4. If you are running Windows XP, try this snazzy thing out: http://www.askvg.com/hide-menubar-addressb...-in-windows-xp/ I found it earlier on today, and i've tried all of the options and they all work like clockwork
  5. I have a quick question. Being the noob I am, I downloaded the file off your sourceforge project and I don't knwo what to do with it I really want to try this out. How do I get it to run?
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