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  1. i've changed the layout of my computer to look like a mac. all i need is to change my logon page. can anyone develop a program to help get the ileopard logon page? so far, when i apply with logonstudio vista, only the wallpaper changes, but the icons in the center stay the same. kampongboy92, a member of aqua-soft as well, has done it for xp. search kampongboy92, and check out his ileopard logon. can someone develop something similar to it for vista? thanks alot Julian (:
  2. hello all. i have just used windowblinds to configure my vista to look like a mac. but because my taskbar is skinned now by windowblinds, some of my icons on the top right are cut off, such as my messenger icon and my steam icon. can anyone teach me how to use skin studio to repair this, hopefully by extending the taskbar so that my icons can be seen? please take a look at the screenshot i have attached. i really hope someone can help me. also, please view my request thread as well? thanks alot guys (: Julian.
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