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  1. Hi, Im sorry if this has been covered, but i didnt see it in the thread, i just tryed this with RK launcher and it keeps crashing when i add the stack dock. does this not support RK launcher? if it does how can i get it working? if not what dock does it work with? Many thanks
  2. 3Rd party copying applications? i didnt realize there was anything like this, can you point me in the right direction please?
  3. yeah thats what i was thinking, but i came to the conclusion it wouldnt be in the registry because the setting reverts back where time you copy, and i dont know enough about this stuff to know where to look!!
  4. hi, sorry to sound sarcastic, but i did say "how can i enable this WITHOUT clicking the arrow all the time" (im not stupid)
  5. Hi, When transferring files there is an option for more information it shows speed and transfer rate, but this has to be clicked every time a file transfer takes place. Is there a way to set this to always show detailed information? thanks
  6. the revolution has apparently been begining for so long tho1!!
  7. i have just done what you suggested and now everytime i start RK launcher i get this error, please see screenshot!! RK Launcher now crashes everytime i load it!!!! please help!!!
  8. hey hey devrexster - fancy finding you here!!! i was just about to post the same thing!! looks like this is dead no?
  9. i am in manchester UK, i am having the same problem, "invalid information" displayed but when i click on the icon i get taken to the correct page at weather.com is there a fix?
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