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  1. Everyone up to here has been joosted. Spread the love!
  2. I didn't receive an email for whatever reason. Would be great if someone could invite me: Deleted Emailaddress Many thanks!
  3. Wow, that's quality work! On a sidenote, if anyone has an invite, I'd be very glad to recieve one.
  4. Samsung SGH-E800 would be really cool! ( http://www.samsung.de/webdownloads/picture...00_front_zu.jpg ) Have been looking for a good icon quite some time and couldn't find one. This looks really nice! Great work
  5. do it the right way: request this as a feature in tabsrmm's forum at http://www.miranda.or.at/forums/
  6. I totally agree duyvan82, those controllers just look akward! there'll never be a controller as good as the ol' SNES one anyways...
  7. as mentioned before xampp would be a very easy solution. you can find it here. I would recommend downloading xampplite as it will serve all your needs (at least I think )
  8. not to attack you guys, but I think he did not ask you for your oppinion on it, but needs help finding the luna msstyle... I just zipped it up for you. pm me your email and I'll send it over! (it's ~550kb in size)
  9. pushed my mod one step further! can you say eye candy? I can! click me, you know you want to! the background (message style for non pandion folks ) is going to be available for every Pandion beta2 user during the next few days
  10. just to show off how far my Pandion mod went... still workin' on the roaster.
  11. get it here: http://www.xanthic.net/wallpapers_abs.html
  12. so as long as we don't get a space to put our jid's let's put them here ont (at) jabber.ccc.de feel free to add me
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