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  1. I just loved Folder Tweaker.It can be made better.. There are a few problems though. 1.It cannot change background of sub-folders. 2.Cannot reset the changes it has made. 3.tweak this folder option does not show when right clicked on local disks in my computer. Suggestions.... 1. There are only a few [50-70]folders that a user visits often. Adding background to each one is very annoying job, and setting background for every folder on harddisk is not wise. So,I suggest that folder tweaker should have the option of applying background to sub-folders but to a certain depth of the pare
  2. Please someone tell me how to check my mail on yahoo through samurize. what are the pop3 settings that I should use. settings I used were server: pop.mail.yahoo.com port: 110 username:******** password********(can't tell) this said connected successfully but also gave server error...Help!
  3. Please someone help me make a samurize widget which can cycle images and also display images which are dragged and dropped on to it. Please tell me which plugin or script to use and where to get them. If such a widget is already present ,please guide me to it.
  4. rapidshare does not have ur file .. where can I get it?
  5. hi.... thanks to all the people who answered ..... Special thanks to Fatt Don...who just hit the bull's eye!
  6. hi.. I want a New Folder button in windows explorer's toolbar...as the one mac's explorer... I don't want to use stylers toolbar.. do not want it in my context menu or quick launch. i dont want to use nexplorer 'coz it is slow... I don't care if I have to fiddle with registry or change a system file... Please people show me how to do this...it realy bugs me that I have to scroll down the menu everytime, to create a new folder. I'm using Win xp. Thank you.. Karan
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