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  1. nice ! because i think it is better if users can make wallexes themselves in order to have their own wallpaper then maybe you can add a skin page in your site wher user can upload their work
  2. niiiicce !!! i just wait to see more wallexes could you make it compatible to use avi ,mpg files or is it a way to make wallexes ? anyhow nice work!!!
  3. Woaw awesome application ==> i hope that it could be used later as an explorer, in order to see folders etc.... and i hope that this application will support the drag and drop folders for instance... anyhow reallly really Good apllication, hope to see next release....this application have a really big potential, maybe latr this apllication will be used as explorer, with skinning options, zooms, etc... luck
  4. Thanks a lot Husaini HB ! it works
  5. yes, +1 too please please
  6. Does somebody can re-upload the shell32.dll please ? anyhow, thanks warius for your work
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