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  1. Hi, after a long time using Avedesk without any issues on XP and Vista (with the 1.4 Vista build) I switched to Windows 7 and since it was an OS in development (been using it since build 7100) I've been avoiding conflicting software and trying to wait or get the appropiate version that works with the new OS. I've had since then and issue with the PidlShortcuts desklet that after I restart avedesk they don't load properly. After setting up the shortcut to simply point to my drives and display in the sublabel the ammount of free space left, everything works just fine. If I restart Avedesk I g
  2. I think I'm having the same problem. PidlShortcut dissapears or they just don't load properly if I load a theme. I can set up everything and it works, but next time I restart avedesk, PidlShortcut don't load or they show partial information about the shortcuts (or no icons at all). it's really annoying.
  3. I think it's only illegal to run OSX on a system that isnt a mac. but If you are trying that hard, I don't think you care too much about the "legal" issue.
  4. I think there are live links in the forum, check the date that was posted... 2006.
  5. the small keyboard it's great, not only saves space but feels smooth when you type. It pretty much works as a laptop keyboard
  6. replacer ? I used to modify shell32 on xp, but haven't tried that on vista, it seems the same process remember that there's a lot of icons on a different dll on vista, I can't recall the name at the moment, but if you try to change some icons Vista will point you out to said dll file.
  7. soon to be upgraded AMD64 X2 +3600 · 2GB ram · 540GB HDD · samsung 206nw + philips 190C
  8. tried that but RKLauncher is not showing any weather docklet in the add docklet... window am I missing something ?
  9. Indeed, I've installed SP3 ontop a SP2+Flyakite, didn't have any problems or bugs at all, except uxtheme (that its outdated in the Flyakite conversion pack). Didn't need any setup to get bootscreen back to original, in fact... i've installed flyakite with 4:3 bootscreen and then I got a brand new 20" widescreen and got used to the stretched bootscreen, after installing SP3 and flyakite system file updater making some corrections, i got the 16:9 bootscreen I hope to see new flyakite work, haven't read anything new in his site since december last year and he posted he was working on a flyaki
  10. installed Windows Service Pack 3 on top of a Windows Service Pack 2 · Flyakite OSX 3.5 system, so far no problems, the only thing Flyakite couldn't take care was uxtheme.dll. Thanks to the link provided here by iGo, i was able to solve that small problem, right now running Windows XP Service Pack 3 + Flyakite OSX 3.5 without problems, bugs nor changes in performance in a couple of games i've been playing before the update. I think that if someone wants to stick with XP + Flyakite, they can do it pretty much staying with core options and replacing uxtheme with replacer or manually.
  11. so they thought.. "people like monitors with big chins... lets go crazy on that" besides the lack of stand its just another mac-look-alike. i think we should congratulate gateway... somehow they manage to make a more expensive mac.
  12. I had sitting in my computer a "pipboy - mademan" (the little buddy from fallout) icontainer for a while, honestly i couldn't find the source. Is there a way someone could turn this into png or ico, so I could use them in windows ? Icontainer with tons of pipboy/mademan icons
  13. look a goth!!!!! just kidding, nice black/red wallpaper...
  14. AMD 64bits 3600+ Dual Core X2 1GB ddr2 RAM 160GB SATA HD 80GB IDE HD 12x/8x/32x LG CD-RW GeForce 7300 LE - 512mb 19' Philips LCD Monitor benq desksaver keyboard Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000
  15. added a couple of tweaks, so far so good.
  16. nobody cares if ave has a gf man you'll always be getting lots of loving from the community thanks for this awesome release and also an special small thanks to unbeliever to make me laugh my ass off
  17. you can check the screenshots and see that it needs some tweaking... starting with the fonts used by it. hope to see this style released soon
  18. nice mod, hope to see an open folder icon also
  19. just modded aero04 & other dlanham icons to (try to) match amora colours.
  20. using the set right now and already mod a lot of icons to go with these.
  21. i think you have to open that with stuffit
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