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  1. (Y) !BEAUTIFUL! work , but deviatnart is so homo that I got banned from going to their website,what a joke I only go there maybe once in a while. They r banning people for no reason:rant:
  2. :shy: this is what Im Talking about it would be nice to get rid of these luna icons.
  3. Here is 2 walls I worked on hope u like them I hace 2 sizes of each 1024x768 and 1280x1024 but check them out get them here 1024x768 AppleSpheres 1024x768 Xspheres 1280x1024 AppleSpheres 1280x1024 Xspheres
  4. Hey , I enjoy My porn once in while when ur divorced and in the single's scene what can u do if u cant afford to take a nice girl out, I dont have a boat so I cant be a pirate,insulting people is good once in while if they deserved it,F*&% Politics and all kind of goverment give me Anarchy. :own:
  5. LOL Nice one of a kind keep up the great work
  6. Thanks I did not expect alot of great comments I put some 1280x960 versions of the wall check them out here http://screenshots.haque.net/screenshots/u...al74/?&maxDisp=
  7. Cool, Feedback @Emptyglass which of the three versions u want or do u want all 3? it maybe later on the day as Im going to be upgrading my motherboard and CPU.
  8. I saw that padded wall created by MarcelB ,and try my luck at doing one they came out this way . they're 1024*768 to get them click here: PaddedWalls thanks to MarcelB for his creation,DeadZombie for bringing it to the aquasoft community attention and Taha for extracting it.
  9. !WOW! I have a 3d object similar to the one called virus infected perhaps we both saw the same person's wallpaper nice link McTrinsic
  10. Thanks , for the compliments , hey My dreams came true I made it to the front page of aqua-soft thanks !GOKU! :bow:
  11. !SWEET! WORK MartinGy2k Im using it right now with pack's modded files
  12. Hope U like them 1024x768 :surfer_dude: and to DL walls
  13. thanks applelover been lokking for this a longwhile
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