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  1. Almost 3 000 downloads of XWindows Dock 2.0 beta in 5 days. Perfect results! Thanks for using it! Posted via Twitter.
  2. Btw, not so awful skin But really funny links for the subforums: http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/forum/89-xwindows-dock/ or http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/forum/81-rk-launcher/ etc :-P And, as I see, all old avatars are «broken»?
  3. Great! Hope you will have enough time to finish this project!
  4. iApple, do you install this dock at the first time? Anyway: look this new (first post) again and ask this question on the "Find general tips & help" thread
  5. Sure only in one cetralized skin repository
  6. Btw, notification system can be provided by Snarl: http://www.fullphat.net/index.php (Growl clone on windows) Maybe it will be a good idea to add support of this notification system to XWD Kernel, not only to one or few docklets to give developers chance notify anything. From my side I don't need any improvements like message headers or advanced notification. I have enough number of unread emails at the icon. The only thing is missing — is support for a proxy (that's why I can't use this docklet at work). And another bug or suggestion. Yesterday I have left my PC turned on and it worked all
  7. Wow! Just amazing! XWDock on the Homepage of Aqua-Dock!
  8. IMHO nobody will read this thread
  9. Panta or BOBAH Plz add link to this message: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...&postcount=2855 in the first post with title: READ BEFORE POSTING with big red letters. Or just append this message to first post. This's usefull information. Maybe will be better to crop this thread, for example, to 10-15 pages? because previous 90-100 pages doesnot actual at all — old versions, old features, old suggestions etc.
  10. Anybody wants to help me with valid slicing PSD of website to XHTML/CSS 2.0? Because I don't have much time, sorry :/ PM me if you can! Thanks! And maybe anybody can help us with hosting/domain name?
  11. Wow! Duds! Did you see that?!?!? Timan, thank you very much!
  12. With my «exelent» english better to give you few links than explain details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable_Inma...ash_Replacement http://www.mikeindustries.com/blog/sifr/ Look at the article name at the last link — it using custom font via sIFR technology. and maybe will be better to stop flame on this thread and back to discussion subject. By Panta: moved to this thread as this topic has nothing to do with the main thread.
  13. haha, Dock alternatives in OS X Joke of the day :DDD
  14. vista is a peace of crap buggy, slowly and excellent example of MS FAIL! Other thing is Windows 7 (Se7en). This will be a pretty nice, fast and really good OS. sIFR is a nice technology that can embed any font via Flash player. Nothing complicated.
  15. As I remember, Matonga said that he can help with PHP and Skin-decompiling-on-the-fly. If this not possible now, we will wait while it will be possible Btw, we don't have a hosting and domain-name
  16. Big news about the XWDock website Thire is a my little baby Hope you like it, if you have a questions or a suggestions — ask and tell it! Now it is only JPEG, but in a few days it will be a fully strict and valid HTML/CSS 2.0 (hope it will be soon) If anybody wants to slise PSD faster than me — you're welcome! Shure, full credits and glory at the footer of the page So. I'll say few words about desing: 0. Sometimes I have used russian text-blocks instead of Lorem Ipsum because LoremIpsum is sucks. 1. Web-page will be fit 100% of screen on the 1024x768. And have maximum width on the b
  17. Matonga, thanks for visual skin editor But: Small icon (16x16) look not good, maybe need to simplify it. 32x32 looks better, but I think, that need to delete dock from it.
  18. Reflections from windows works strange on my home and work desktops. On my work PC it works perfectly, sometimes don't updates, but this's normally. On my home PC reflections quite don't updates until I hold mouse over the dock. Don't understand why.
  19. 1. Dowload it and save into Skins folder 2. Go to Preferences (right click on any dock element) 3. Go to Panel preferences tab and choose any skin you want from dropdown list. If they are not appear — try to click on Refresh button. 4. Click Apply button at the bottom of the window to apply this settings 1. Download archive with docklet and extract it to Docklets folder. 2. Restart (or run) dock and right click on any dock element. 3. Check out Add submenu — you must see (at the bottom of the list) list of all available Dockets. 4. Choose docklet and enjoy Btw, you can setup al
  20. It's simple and having few simple steps: 1. run cmd.exe from Tools folder. 2. execute XSkinMaker.exe command and you'll see this text: Your path to XWindows Dock folderTools>XSkinMaker.exe XSkin Maker ver. 2.5 Use: XSkinMaker [Options] [Config] [Skin FileName] Options: /u - unzip skin file Config: DrawAs=strech or tile Description=? LeftBorder=? MiddleBorder=? RightBorder=? Break=? Close=? OpenFolder=? Indicator=? StackOff=? StackOn=? Folder=? ControlPanel=? MyComputer=? Recycler=? RecyclerFull=? Unknow=? Poof=? 3. Create all im
  21. KOI-8 English!! Do you speak it? xDDD
  22. Geez! Amazing link! Thanks! Just :+fav: it! Updates about website: Sorry for this delay, I don't have alot of time to complete all things. Matonga, as soon as I can I'll send to you sliced HTML/CSS. Can you add some php code to website? As you say will be great to create download section.
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