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  1. yeah I think it has something to do with vista because i tried it on xp with the same config and it doesn't crash. guess I'll be sticking to version 1 on vista
  2. I've completely removed the stacks v1 from the object dock folder and the dock still crashes. Along with that I've also tried a fresh install of objectdock and rocketdock and they also crash. I'm not really sure what the problem is I'm like 99.999% sure I'm putting all the files in the right place. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I am also experiencing problems of stacks docklet 2 crashing OD. I'm currently running OD+ 1.9 build 535u. When I try to add the docklet to the dock it automatically crashes. I have been running version 1.0 of stacks, do I have to completely remove it and the stack icons from my dock to use this version of stacks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The new version looks great from what I've seen from others, keep up the good work.
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