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  1. There are two things I've been wondering if they've been created yet. Are there any apps that will give you an on-screen display of the volume control like in the real OSX? Also are there any apps or hacks that will allow you to have little "surrounds" around your icons when you select them? Like the little boxes that appear around icons on the OSX desktop when you select it.
  2. Hey guys, where is a good site to find lots of dock icons? Mostly the ones that look like the original mac ones? I tried searching the forums but came up with nothing of any real help. Any ideas guys?
  3. I spent about 4 hours making KDE look exactly like I wanted it. It's much nicer than most linux themes and I have lots of effects turned on. Seeing as how most people out there usually use either windows or mac os I thought it would be interesting to set up KDE like a windows/macos hybrid that is still disctintly linux. I call it linX. Anybody know how to change the icon for the mandrake menu?
  4. Ok I can't find any really good brushed skins for linux environments and apps. What about a nice gtk skin? or metacity? Also are there any safari or finder clones for linux? and what about itunes skins for a linux audio app, and perhaps even a quicktime skin for a linux media player?
  5. that worked great! we need to contact the gdesklets team and tell them to post this fix on their website
  6. Whenever I try adding a new starter to gdesklets starterbar it never actuallly does anything. I tried adding one manually, I tried drag and drop, everything seems to work but it doesn't actually add a starter/launcher. Anyone know how to fix this problem? ------------------------ Topic tagged. Please tag your threads properly. Pe8er
  7. lol, you guys are funny. I like gooeylinux, I'm just looking for lots of resources. Especially linux icons, which seem to be almost non-existent. And OS skins. I'd like lots of nice OS style themes like beos, amiga, solaris, etc... and can't seem to find them.
  8. Um.....I like gooeylinux, but I don't see why everyone keeps suggesting it. There's like 20 themes and a handful of icons there......I'm looking for TONS and TONS and TONS of customizing resources.
  9. Here's what I've got to add to the list: www.themedepot.org themes.freshmeat.net art.gnome.org www.kdelook.org www.customize.org Please add as much as you can, especially for icons, since I can't seem to find crap in the way of linux icons or good aqua style png icons.
  10. I can't find any good WB OSX skins. I'm looking mostly for a skin of the original OSX, not jaguar or panther. Please list as many as you can so I can try to find a good one. Also any objectbar skins would be nice too.
  11. I'm using CompositeX visual style and Iced system icons along with mobdydock and iTunes for windows.
  12. I like the idea of it being just like iSaw, but for images and you can associate it with images. And the no-controls thing ads to the niceness of the app...I get so tired of funky buttons everywhere, but computers on movies work mostly off of keyboards and I think that is cool. I like the control ideas too: Double Click = Fullscreen (Alt-Enter) Right Click = Close Image (Esc) (+ & -) = Zoom in/Zoom out Arrow Keys = Next/Previous Image Personally I'd be happy with just the first 2 options though. I don't want a big feature rich application...just a simple program that pops up with no bord
  13. well there's a program called irfanview that some people call iview, so that's what made me think of iSee
  14. I think it would be so nice to have a little image viewer that would load fast, and wouldn't have any controls at all. I think a good name would be iSee
  15. First off when you click on an image in OSX what is the default app to open most images and what does it look like? Where can I get some good screenshots of lots of default OSX programs? Now as for my idea on an image viewer. Why doesn't someone make an image viewer like iSaw, with no window or anything. You could just double click your image, it opens without a border or window controls around it, then you could just right click to dismiss it or something.
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