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  1. to add items, you just drag the item and place it on the dock, you dont have to press add item, just grab and drag it to the dock, then let it go
  2. does anyone know of a theme for windows 7 that is turquoise and black, thanks in advance
  3. object dock, rocket dock, xwindows dock, winexpose, search in DeviantArt.com under customization, there are many apps there, Tweak VI.. dont really know more
  4. u search 4 themes on DeviantArt.com , u first need to replace some files in your system 32
  5. Objectdock plus lest u have as many dock on one sceen as u like, i have it and its very usefull
  6. wow, this is really nice, ill dowload as soon as I get on my Pc, mine is broken, so got to get it fixed.
  7. hey guys, I found this really cool website here: Link removed this site is not a scam, it gives you a digital dolar once in a while just for using its search engine, and u can get cool prizes with the swag money, enjoy, I already have 35 swagbucks!
  8. there isn't exactly a way to do it with ought the 3rd party apps
  9. or try looking for yodm 3d, cool free virtual desktop
  10. Removed - we do not talk about illegal stuff here. - mps69
  11. very nice, a different style for zip files!
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