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  1. I use Axialis Iconworkshop 5 & I love it, it is so simple to use & has great results, is there anything I'm missing out by not using Microangelo from an icon making aspect (because I know you can make cursors etc. with microangelo)? Which do you think is better? Cheers :moon:
  2. Just noticed the other two posts with the icons Here's what they look like They are in .ico (16x16 to 192x192 )& .png format (192x192) And you can download them from WinCustomise HERE or download them directly HERE Thanks guys, Z
  3. can someone tell me whats on each of the three os install discs for panther? cheers guys
  4. I found this icon while installing photoshop on a mac and thought that you may want it, it's a slight variation on the one we've all seen before. The icon comes in 128x128 and there are two png's at 128x128 and 192x192. This is what it looks like: Download it at VelocityArt Direct Download Here Enjoy guys
  5. I have just finished my final set (of 3) Mail Icons, the Beach Collection, and in my opinion my favourite of the three. Here's what they look like: And you can download them at VelocityArt Or a direct download link - - - { -H-E-R-E- } - - - (I have also uploaded them to WinCustomize so they will take a day or so to appear) I hope you all like these little creations as much as i do. Cheers
  6. Nope, nothing as clever as that. For the Ebglish stamp design i just scanned a 1st class stamp and replaced the image. and for the apple design i made, without the postmark, i just modified the original apple mail icon to make a complete stamp shape, it took a bit of time to get it looking good, but thats it, you then obviously put your own image in the middle. The secret's out........ Cheers for all your responses so far.
  7. The second in the trilogy... From the Cosmos wallpaper collection comes the Cosmos icon collection. It features 10 icons. Here's what they look like: Download at VelocityArt Or download directly - - - { H E R E } - - - Let me know what you think. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, Just bringing your attention to some icons that i have made recently: Two stamp/Mail icons: 1st: The English 1st Class Stamp You can download it from - - - { H E R E } - - - 2nd: The new Beach Stamp/Mail Icon You can download it from - - - { H E R E } - - - 3rd: Apple Mac Sherlock Colours Download Sherlock Colours - - - { H E R E } - - - 4th: Apple Mac Safari Colours Download Safari Colours - - - { H E R E } - - - 5th: Apple Mac Mail Colours Download Mail Colours - - - { H E R E } - - - All icons come in .png & .ico I hope you enjoy, just
  9. I happened to wander across the .Mac site, as you do, and found these images and thought that I'd make them into icons. As it turns out i did, and here they are: Here's what they look like: Download them from VelocityArt Or a direct download link HERE Hope you guys like Cheers
  10. Sorry guys, the download link for the second version is down because Wincustomize shut it down!!!!!:rant: I will have another one up soon on a different server....
  11. Cheers guys for all the feedback, i'll see what i can do about the liv tyler/arwen request.
  12. I've just made a new set with 'The One Ring's' inscription as the post mark a la OSX Here's what they look like: And here's the download link: Lord OF The Rings Mail Icons V.2 Let me know what you think. Cheers
  13. Lord Of The Rings Mail Icons, a new design for the Mail icon aswell. They come in .png and .ico (16x16 to 128x128) and are perfect for your dock. Here's what they look like: Download at: Lord Of The Rings Icons Let me know what you think, and if you think i need to add any more. Cheers
  14. cuckoodu i can't get your links to work. any help? cheers
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