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  1. Someone to re-upload it please ? The latest version. Thank you.
  2. This 2.0 version is Amazing ! But when the dock is on the top of the screen there is a problem, you know it ? the stack show icons on the top of the dock ... Only with the fan mode! thank you.
  3. Maybe i've not understand so.... But that's works if my DOck and MirrorEffect are in the bottom... so i don't think i've not understand.... The screen is just an example... the position too.
  4. Sorry, but i'm french and it's not easy, for me, to explain you
  5. No, that not working, you've to reverse the effect, i think. Try yourself Where can i add MirrorEffect to the exceptions list in nvidia's settings ?
  6. That's realy nice ! good work But i've my dock on the top of the screen, so that not working.. If you can reverse the effect.... but Thank you
  7. I've install SQL Express on my Windows Xp I've also installed the SQL Management to add a command, movieClerk tell me i need this command. (sp_configure'instances' or something like that.) Now it's ok but i will waiting for a new version without installation of SQL Express to use it on Vista. It's a really good program and you've do an amazing job. I've juste a little problème, i can't delete a movie. I don't know why. We can't add an entire folder ? because add files one by one it's long Edit ==> Viper , i've the same bugs
  8. Ok, i see Thank you for your answers. I did'nt know WMP and Picasa uses SQL, i will see if i install SQL Server Express, or if i wait your SQLite version... because you've made a really good work... Thank you again You think it's possible, instead of using Amzon.com, used Amazon.fr ? i'm French so... But it's not a problem. ps: SQL Express 2005 is compatible with Vista SP1 ? i will search.
  9. Why SQL server is needed ? I think, if your program, just cataloging our movies we have on our computer and allow us to attach to the .avi file (for exemple) a "cover.jpg" from our computer, without using a SQL or something else, just like the library in WMP 11, or like Picasa but just for movie files, just cataloging our movies we have on our drives. That can be interesting i think, but you've another project in your head, so i don't think you will do that i ask you, can you do that ? a special version for me ? Thank you (excuse my english)
  10. Ok, no problem, your life is more important
  11. No news about a new version ? ^^
  12. Thanks and good work ! This app is reallly good A new version will be avaible soon ? maybe with more option, more optimized ? Edit => I've a problem, i've an external 2"5 hdd in USB, in Preferences i've been activated Removable, but the hdd appear looks like a "Fixed" but if I activate the Fixed option, all of my HDD are added on my desktop. Can you fix it ? I think an option where we can choose what drives we need on the desktop, or the reverse, that can be cool.
  13. Hey dude, nice idea you've ! I've some suggestion for new "options", maybe it's possible to add an option to increase the speed of the animation, more slower or faster. And if it's possible, another option, when we click on a folder, rather than the folder is opened in a new Windows window, maybe the folder can be opened in the stack docklet and show the files contained in. Excuse if my english is not good, but i'm french so... ps: thanks for your work, this docklet is really good. I've no problem on Vista (with rocket dock).
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