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  1. As it is right now, the stack won't auto-refresh. You have to stop and restart your dock. We'll see if that issue has been resolved if/when the new stack is released.
  2. He said a while back he was rewriting the application in another language, and that it might be a couple months before he has any updates. We'll just have to wait and see.
  3. @sphere, I don't know if it works on RK, since I use rocketdock. Sorry I'm not much help.
  4. What you describe (grid/fan) is basically what you get with the stack. To get what you show in the picture would be another application, such as kkmenu. They each have their purpose (stack for quick access to files, and kkmenu for directory browsing), and I use both, though I use Matonga's stack docklet much much more.
  5. Ah. I wasn't reading right. I was thinking of renaming the desired icon, instead. Nevermind. Interesting.
  6. That's all well and good if all you have is one stack. But it will show that same icon for every stack.
  7. That's not a problem. That is stack behavior. You can choose 'Use icon as stack icon' which will show your icon when stack is closed, but shows the default stack icon when it is open, or you can choose 'Use icon as box overlay' which shows your icon with other icons underneath when it is closed, but shows only your icon when it is open. Of course you could choose not to use an icon at all....
  8. Oh, duh. Much better implementation. Thanks for the response, Matonga.
  9. I understand. I'm not going to pretend to know exactly how you programmed this, but wouldn't it be possible to implement a timer, so that several notifications in a row won't force a refresh? You could just set it to refresh on change notifications within X minutes of each other, right?
  10. That's true, but maybe if there were a refresh option in the stack...
  11. I could never get stack 1.0 to work with 2.0. I had to delete the .ini file and start from scratch. Never had a problem with 2.0 after that.
  12. Thanks Matonga, the icon size was starting to bug me. Great fix! Now if I could just have a fan that opens downward from my top-mounted dock...
  13. The secondary monitor problem was my only gripe from the old version, so I am ecstatic that it is no longer a problem. As far as the stack size goes, since the one stack that I always use has more than 100 icons (11x10), the stack is pretty big. I'm sure this will be one of the tweaks in the upcoming beta, so I'm not griping... for now. Edit: dragging a file into the stack works, and the item moves to that directory, but the item doesn't show up in the stack.
  14. XP SP2 1280x1024 Rocketdock docked on top stack version 2009-02-20 Fan opens upwards, so it isn't visible (I'm sure you know that one already) Grid is HUGE, takes entire screen. small memory leak: 50-100k each opening of grid Looking great. Can't wait to see what tweaks we'll be able to do later.
  15. Still love this thing but now I have two bugs: 1: On my laptop (win XP sp2), if I close the computer (suspend?) and then open it back up, none of the stacks work properly 2: When I have a stack in Fan mode, if I click the name of the item, it opens the next item in the list. Clicking the icon works ok. Edit... I'm using stack version
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