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  1. The dock also magnifies before you actually go over the dock, so say that you have magnification set to 125 and the actual dock size set to 60, the dock will magnify when your mouse pointer goes over the 125 pixels, instead on the actual dock itself
  2. Matonga any word on the icon problem? I would really love to be able to use this stack
  3. Wow Denis is really contributing a lot to this thread , I can also vouge for everything he is saying that needs to be fixed, especially the zooming glitch on the dock he mentioned earlier.
  4. Bobah excellent dock update, this thing is really starting to come together, I love the new menus and it looks like you are even making impovements on the zooming feature it still needs work but it isn't as jittery anymore. p.s. Could anyone possibly make a startmenu docklet?
  5. Matonga any word on a fix for the icon display problem?
  6. no no no I am not stupid lmao, I click always show icon I point it to the correct path of the icon then I hit ok and it shows absolutly nothing just a blank space on the dock.
  7. Matonga new version is great but you still can not choose your own icon it just shows up as a blank space which makes it unusable for a lot of people. This is on objectdock plus running on vista
  8. Hey matonga just a bug report, the latest version is unstable on Objectdock, whenever you try to go to docklet properties objectdock crashes, hope this helps!
  9. Just giving you a heads up matonga, you still can not choose your own icon, it just shows up as a blank space.
  10. why can't I use my own icon anymore?
  11. Why must people continue to spam this topic with stupid shit? On that note great job on 4.8 Bobah keep up the great work.
  12. jano shut the **** up, you are annoying as hell. Do not post in here anymore.
  13. There is already a slider to control how fast the animation runs
  14. Yea your probably right, I really have a hard time telling the difference between XP and Vista, damn that sucks I have had xp this whole time and I didn't know it. Seriously are you retarded?
  15. I am running under vista SP1 and it works great, there are no problems with the dock the problem is on your guys end, probably a combination of things one being user account control.
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