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  1. <_< Yeah, wrong thread. But seriously, anybody who hates vista should try it again, because it's almost a totally different OS now. /ontopic, xwd works awesome in vista, especially the window transitions, benefiting from the DWM.
  2. Vista isn't dead. Vista is a very good OS, although it wasn't at RTM, it is now. Vista won't be dead until win7's release, just like XP wasn't dead until vista's.
  3. By Panta: offensive words removed. Keep doing so and you'll get suspended!! I can see the argument for and against shutdown docklets, and I say: Why not? It can't hurt, and it's a lot easier (for a novice) than making a shortcut to whatever your shutdown tool of choice is. @Deavy, awesome looking site, man. Am I right in thinking sIFR allows you to embed the font into the page? Or is it a flash based technology or something?
  4. Eh, I didn't even know what thread it was, so that was a genuine mistake, not trolling you In any case, psshutdown was made by sysinternals, who may be a part of MS now, but they weren't then. "C:WINDOWSsystem32rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate" will hibernate, I imagine something similar for suspend. I say "Post-2000", because win2k was the first to have it available, albeit on a resource CD. There's no need to attack my intelligence, I assure you I'm capable of using notepad, it's my favourite IDE (With autohotkey for compile&Run). It doesn't work better wit
  5. What happened to shutdown.exe? -s to shut down, -r to restart, -l to logoff, and basically guaranteed to work on post-2000 machines.
  6. I'd hit it. Slowly, as not to damage it's awesome.
  7. I dunno about anybody else, but I'd rather be affected by spyware for the 10 minutes it takes me to remove it, than be constantly affected by the overhead of a collection of antispyware apps.
  8. Where do I download YOU? Googling came up with nothing.
  9. No, I mean just shift the colours 1 up, because assuming Vista uses the black as transparency, it won't use #000001 as transparent, and nor will your eyes think it less black No experience with reshacker, though, sorry
  10. Well, the system can tell the difference between #000000 and #000001, while your eyes can't, so the black thing is an easy fix. As for the numbers, just repeat the icons?
  11. No, I meant Panta saying someone has a bad attitude to criticism
  12. She's a Chinese? Well, I'm an English, and round where I live, we use grammar. and sarcasm.
  13. it's hard to imagine anything worse than iTunes. Foobar2k is my player of choice, 7.6GB of music in my playlist, and it's using 9kb of RAM.
  14. Just takes someone who knows their way around computers to open up a path, so that people with actual design skill can come in and make stuff. I bet the first XP VS' looked like crap.
  15. Emphasis on YOUR nod32, mine doesn't
  16. Really? I assumed they were all retarded. Y'know, because of my racism.
  17. See, people say windows is rubbish, but at least it can update without crashing and burning.
  18. Sowwy bobah (( Well, whatever you think is best is best, of course, looking forward to it
  19. Yeah, the installer is kinda crappy. I'd trust NOD32 over any other AV, though, so I say false positive. Also, if you don't have lucidia grande installed, it'll crash on mouseover. I had to edit the .xml file, but it works fine now, and it an awesome looking skin EDIT: Ok, slight update broke xwd <_< What dependancies does it have, and why aren't they being installed with your installer?
  20. lmao. Even blatant falsities are celebrated on new years day!!
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