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  1. <_< Yeah, wrong thread. But seriously, anybody who hates vista should try it again, because it's almost a totally different OS now. /ontopic, xwd works awesome in vista, especially the window transitions, benefiting from the DWM.
  2. Vista isn't dead. Vista is a very good OS, although it wasn't at RTM, it is now. Vista won't be dead until win7's release, just like XP wasn't dead until vista's.
  3. By Panta: offensive words removed. Keep doing so and you'll get suspended!! I can see the argument for and against shutdown docklets, and I say: Why not? It can't hurt, and it's a lot easier (for a novice) than making a shortcut to whatever your shutdown tool of choice is. @Deavy, awesome looking site, man. Am I right in thinking sIFR allows you to embed the font into the page? Or is it a flash based technology or something?
  4. Eh, I didn't even know what thread it was, so that was a genuine mistake, not trolling you In any case, psshutdown was made by sysinternals, who may be a part of MS now, but they weren't then. "C:WINDOWSsystem32rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate" will hibernate, I imagine something similar for suspend. I say "Post-2000", because win2k was the first to have it available, albeit on a resource CD. There's no need to attack my intelligence, I assure you I'm capable of using notepad, it's my favourite IDE (With autohotkey for compile&Run). It doesn't work better wit
  5. What happened to shutdown.exe? -s to shut down, -r to restart, -l to logoff, and basically guaranteed to work on post-2000 machines.
  6. I'd hit it. Slowly, as not to damage it's awesome.
  7. I dunno about anybody else, but I'd rather be affected by spyware for the 10 minutes it takes me to remove it, than be constantly affected by the overhead of a collection of antispyware apps.
  8. Where do I download YOU? Googling came up with nothing.
  9. No, I mean just shift the colours 1 up, because assuming Vista uses the black as transparency, it won't use #000001 as transparent, and nor will your eyes think it less black No experience with reshacker, though, sorry
  10. Well, the system can tell the difference between #000000 and #000001, while your eyes can't, so the black thing is an easy fix. As for the numbers, just repeat the icons?
  11. No, I meant Panta saying someone has a bad attitude to criticism
  12. She's a Chinese? Well, I'm an English, and round where I live, we use grammar. and sarcasm.
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