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  1. Not for me it isn't (are you lying to, it is april first)...
  2. This could be and probably is a joke -look at the hidden image -He posted it around the time frame of april fools -if he got news this past weekend why did he not post it then??? -why was there no news of this on the front page???
  3. Awesome wall Kon (as i said on MTF)
  4. Hello all i am new here and i would just like to say great site
  5. There's somthing with that hidden image in the source code of the page! Wat?? that is strange...?
  6. actually i read the message, and i think that we only have to remove threads and topics about theming leopard, i don't know if this includes itunes themes, but customizing via icons and docks is fine, otherwise Apple would have killed the Iconfactory long ago
  7. This May have to do with VL-tone and esXXi trying to theme leopard, there is a reason apple made it hard to customize. I do think that icon and dock customization is okay, otherwise the iconfactory would have gotten destroyed months ago.
  8. So it was about 11:00pm when i decided to log on and check the Macthemes forums when i was greeted with this message Dear Readers, It is with sincere regret that I inform you about the official closing of MacThemes. This past weekend, I received a cease and desist letter from a law firm associated with Apple Inc., claiming that the dissemination of the "customized" materials featured on our website was in direct violation of Apple’s copyrights and patents. The letter insisted that macthemes “(i) cease the development and distribution of these "customized" materials, (ii) take steps to remov
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