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  1. Yeah... Several times.. Ive restart explorer... Ive repaired all icons, Pictures Folder... Nothing... But later ill try it again, with more time... And i say the result here.. Cya!!!
  2. Ive tried Tweak UI.. But nothing happened... My Pictures Folder still with the Wrong Icon.. But it is the only one.. So Ill leave it like that... But Im very happy to see that fragmental got it. Thx!!
  3. You Welcome... ehehhe Brasileiro tambem??? Vlwss
  4. Updated!!! Take a look at the first page.... Cya!!
  5. Nope.. Ive just did it and nothing happens... My Images folder still with old icon... Any other theory? Cyaa
  6. Here -> http://browse.deviantart.com/customization...es&q=Office+Mac I think thats the best site to find nice icons, themes, skins... So, pick yours and be happy = ) Cyaa
  7. Hm... Try to do this.. Download a nice MAC Office 208 pack and convert it with AveIcon to ICO file if it is in PNG format... PS.: Activate all the resolutions option... (take a look at attachment) Then, enter the folder where the l apps are and one by one change their default icons to the icons you have just converted... I think thats wil solve your problem, because Icon resolution of new ICOs are better than the other.... ** Link for Download ** AveIconifier 2 -> http://www.box.net/public/static/r874dej620.zip Cya!!!
  8. Hm.. Really Strange.. It happens with me too... But only with "My Images" Folder.. If someone know why, please, tell us.. Thx!!
  9. Probably you are talking about a app called Tiger SystemPreferences with Leopard Skin.. You can get it here: http://www.markraats.com/Apple_Emulation_Themes.htm But i dont know if it is compatible to Vista... PS.: If you want to post a link, do it like that: ttp://www... Without the "h" or anyother letter... Cyaa
  10. Oh.. My bad. .ehehe The Finder is FinderXer => http://tomseffect.com/ To configure it in the right way take a look at this => http://www.markraats.com/FinderXer_Tutorial.htm About Shell32... I dont know either why some icons dont change... Thats the my first Shell32 and I really dont know much about it... And I can make a English version but i need a default Shell32 English Version for it... Even better if it is Flyakite's Shell32.... Cya!!
  11. Ok.. The Finder i use is called Finderbar... BTw, Very good app... You can find it here : http://landvermesser.tripod.com/ And about the name.... Its from tClock... You just have to configure it with your name... To do it first download it here: http://homepage1.nifty.com/kazubon/tclock/ Install and run it... Then Right-Click on the clock and go to "tClock Properties" In the tab "Format" you will see a box... this is where you will configure the clock layout... So to put your name just write it between " " wherever you want... e.g.: "YOUR NAME" Mine is like this ===> ddd hh:nn tt "Br
  12. Ok.. Try this: Controls - DarkWay: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php...y?content=64653 Windows Broder - Clearbox: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php...x?content=25060 Thats will help you... You will still have to change some colors and find a nice Icon Pack... Cyaa
  13. Hey.. First of all Welcome to Aqua-Soft... Man... It is a VERRYY Hard task.... Cause there are a lot of Windows Managers in Linux and each one uses more than 1 theme at the same time.... But im almost sure he is using Gnome, because the style of the Window and Buttons... So it lefts to me to recommend you to take a look at this site: www.gnome-look.org And try to find the parts you need... PS.: Ive was taking a look at the site i said and ive found this: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php...y?content=64653 It looks very similar to the screen... The only difference are the color of W
  14. Hm... I didnt like this docklet..Its too ugly.... If it was similar to CPU Usage... wih that little Graph would be better.. But thx anyway... And I think my Dock is too crowded already.. ahuuha My resolution isnt so high (1024x800) so it doesnt support so many icons... Thx!!
  15. YEAAAA!!! Finally I got it!! Ive just downloaded another version of the Docklet (iCal made by Judge) and it worked!! Also ive found a CPU Meter compatible Docklet... Links for the Docklets: - Weather Docklet (by albeik) - http://dockex.com/items/8 - CPU Monitor (by albeik)---- http://dockex.com/items/28 - iCal Docklet (by Judge) ---- http://judge.deviantart.com/art/iCal-Dockl...14436?offset=10 Oh.. Just one more question... Im trying to change the font of temperature of Weather Docklet... but i cant find a way to do that... Can someone help me with it??? Thx for the Help!!! Cya!!!
  16. Yea... Exactly in the same way i did with Weather... But Nevermind... Ill use SysStats's one till i found a way to do it Thx!!
  17. To open Styler Preferences Windows double click the tray icon just like BapeStar said... To change Finderbar fonts open Finderbar.ini (its inside Finderbar main folder) with notepad and look for [Window] part, than edit it to look like this, save it and Restart Finderbar. [Window] MainWindowWidth=640 WindowLeftMargin=0 FontName=MACGrande FontSize=11 FontWeight=Norm FontColor=Black FontTopMargin=-2 FontLeftMargin=-6 WordIndentationRight=16 MakeMenu2Bold=1 Thats it... Cya!!
  18. Thx once again Husaini!!! Weather docklet worked perfectly... and a way better than the previous one... Much easier to configure and it seens it runs faster than the other... But i couldnt make both calendar docklets works... Im using SysStats's one, but i really wants to change it... Ive noticed that Calendar v3.4.1 made by AndreasV is meant to work with RocketDock... But even though it simply dont work... Am i missing anything??? Thx!!
  19. Ok... Let me give you a hand.. *Windows VS: Use this one: Leopard X -> http://kspudw.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-X-76664828 For me it is the better... *Fonts: Take a look at Attachments, thats all you need... After you download do the following: Configure Finderbar to use MACGrande font at 11px Open Styler go to /Style/font and configure it to use - Aquabase at 10px to Caption - AquaBase or LucidaMacBold at 9px to the others... - Also disable "Shadow", "Bold" and "Italic".... *Shadows: Like i said before... Explore Styler options and find for it... Is pretty simple..
  20. Hey thx Husaini... Actually i've already serched this site before... The answer was in front me all the time but i didnt noticed.. The answer is "SysStats"... something that i was using with AveDesk but i didnt know that it is also works with RocketDock... Than when you said to search in this site ive remenber SysStats. Ive managed to find iCal docklet and Weather docklet.. But i cant find a way to configure Weather Docklet... Im using the one that comes with "SysStats Pack 1" = http://sysstats.jools.net/details.php?id=35 Also i cant find a Refflected version of those docklets... So, Pleas
  21. I was reading a post of MacMan about his desktop... And i noticed those docklets at his dock... Although he is using RKLaucher and thats the problem.. I use RocketDock and not RKLaucher, im not thinking about changing this... So i was wondering if there is a way to have this docklets at my RocketDock.... The docklets i wanted are: CPU Meter, Weather and Calendar... Take a look at Attachment to see waht i mean.. Any help, link,... is welcome.... Thx!!
  22. There are 2 ways to do that MacMan... * Windows Way Go to Display Options/Appearence/Effects and choose "ClearType" in the second box.. * Styler Way Open Styler, go to Desktop Tab and activate "Clear Type" and configurate contrast however you like... also set Shadows on by simply set "Drop Shadow" on... Thats it..
  23. hmm not bad... id say 5 too... But yea... If you want a 10 it needs improvement.... Some tips to begin: - Turn on ClearType just like Bebi_Bulma said... - Change fonts to MACGrande, LucidaMacBold... something like that... - I suppose you are using Styler so turn on the shadows and Hide Menu Bar of Explorer... - I really dont like LeftSider, so you should try WB or TrueTransparency... This will make it a way better already... If you need some reference take a look at my desk... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=48339 If you need any help to change something just ask... And keep
  24. Easy... Edit "Finderbar.ini" located where Finderbar is installed and set "TransparentWindowsTaskbar" and "TransparentMenus" to 1 , also if want to make Windows Menus Transparent as well set "TransparentWindowsMenus" to 1. After that save it and Restart Finderbar... There you go... Simple Solution to a Simple Problem... And now you dont need Transbar, YzShadow, ... anymore... It makes everything Transparent for itself... And i would recommend you to take a closer look and some other configurations at "Finderbar.ini"... there are some really nice things out there... Cya!!
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