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  1. Yeah.. Exactly.. Thats why ive made with lower resolutions... Try with 48px..
  2. That problem with some folders/icons ill try fix later this week. But i didnt understand the problem you have with view button.. And if you are still using SP1, update to SP3 NOW!!!!!!
  3. Man i would really like to... But it takes time. A lot of time. And if I do it in PT-PT i would have to do in all the others languages. Ill try to make an installer for it, like Flyakite. So it would work with all languages But i dont promise anything.. Sry...
  4. My first theme/skin ever, but i think it is nice. Ive used OSX-tiger theme by Lauri Taimila and original Mac OS X images to do it. My goal is to emulate Mac OS X 10.1 as perfect as possible in Linux/Gnome/Ubuntu. It includes themes for: - Icons - GTK2 - Metacity - Emerald - AWN I will release it as soon as possible, but as it is my first theme i dont know how to do some things so it takes time to learn. Id appreciate any comments, critics, tips, ... Thx!!
  5. ============================= My_Leopard Shell32 -- Shell32.dll (PT-Br) by BrunoNZ (http://brunonz.deviantart.com/) ============================= Download Links: English - 48 -> http://www.divshare.com/download/4498691-f5b http://w15.easy-share.com/1700394365.html English - 72 -> http://www.divshare.com/download/4498692-af4 http://w15.easy-share.com/1700394367.html English - 128 -> http://www.divshare.com/download/4498693-365 http://w15.easy-share.com/1700394366.html Portugues-BR - 48 -> http://www.divshare.com/download/4498762-61d http://w15.e
  6. Ojalord and david.. I did it before asking... AT DA There are only stylish icons, none of them are the original one and at the google, all the images arent Icon Format. Most of them are .gif, .jpg or in different sizes... DZGH_Operator, Thx a lot!!! Thats exactly what i was looking for!! Thx!!!
  7. Done... Take a look at the attachment in the first post... Cya!! PS.: I did it like this cause the list is too long...
  8. Hey guys... A easy one this time (i hope..) I need the Blue Aple Icon from Panther/Tiger Take a look at attachments to see wich one im talking about... Thx in advance!!!
  9. I agree a 1000000%!!! There arent any big bugs, easy to use, very light and have a lot of other options... Abot the Pack.. Any news?? Updates?? Cya!!!
  10. Take a look at this site: http://www.gnome-look.org But here it is a good dark theme: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php...-?content=70621 Cyaa
  11. Just amazing!!! Very Good!! I Choose all of them!! Thx!!!
  12. Hey guys.. Ive done a PT-Br Version.. Take a look at my DA Site for more information... But i still have all the icons... If you need some, just ask... Cya!!
  13. Yeah.. It is just a concept... The Example Window confirm that... But with the theme Mediubuntu or Studio you will get very close to the screen, except for the Example Window, that its quite impossible to achive that... Cya!!
  14. Very good!!! Just amazing what what a person can do with some inteligence and one computer.. Thx!!!
  15. YEa.. I have to agree that In the newer version of TT many bugs have been corrected... Actually my biggest problem is making a skin that fit my VS... All the Leopard Skins for TT dont have the same color of my VS and the fonts are too strange... Once ive tried to do it, but after a while i gave up.. Maybe ill try again some other time... Thx!!!
  16. Very nice work!! But i think it would be better if you... 1) change VS... I use "Leopard X -> http://kspudw.deviantart.com/" and i think it is the best so far... 2) Change HD Icons to the gray one.. and also Preferences Icon and iMac Icon (Pick one with aurora wallpaper, i did it here and it is really nice..) 3) And to complete, add some apps, like Styler, RocketDock, AveDesk, tClock, Finderbar.... all of them with Leopard Configurations by Default... cause i think it is the worst thing to do to someone who wants a real Leopard Look... But its really good for a 80% work... Keep it up!!!
  17. BOAA!!! Eh isso ai!!! MENGAO CAMPEAOOO!!! E BRASIL RLZZZ!!!!!! aHUAUHa jashsayani, First of all thx for the complement... Ive already though about that, but it really dont worth the sacrifice of using another program (In this case TrueTransparency, which have a lot of bugs) and making a skin for it... If you want to get closer to Leopard than this i recomend you to use WindowsBlind then.. Thx!!!
  18. Thats something i also want know... And i think that buttons on the bottom are the same thing.... Cya
  19. Hmm.. But how can i do that... Ive never made anything like that... In the matter of fact, this is the first time ive made a Shell32... But if you could explain me how to do that it would be awesome!!! Thx!!
  20. Hey guys.. I need an English Version of Flyakite's Shell32 48px in order to make an English Leopard Version... Can someone provide me this?? Thx!!!
  21. Sorry.. But i didnt understand you at all... Ive made it with ResHacker.. And What do you mean about creating multiple Shell32??? Cya!!
  22. Stack Docklet is the answer... Link for download: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/attachment....54&d=1207761902 To install it just extract it into "Docklets" folder thats inside your Dock folder... For more information: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=46859 Cya!!
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