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  1. Thx Kinsemon!! I was just waiting for this... Here it is... Preview: It includes a basic guide explaining how to apply the new settings and scripts for Stylish and Chrome.css ** Important: It DOES NOT include any theme/skin. Comments will be much appreciated Thx!! _____________________________________________________________ Update 1: - Changed Bookmark and Tab Fonts Color and Shadow - Fixed Menu separator height - Fixed Bookmark Itens positions
  2. Hm.. But I though it was a Safari skin... Nevermind... About the pack... But why do i need his permition to release this?? I wont release it as a skin/theme... I was thinking about just a script to adapt it to Windows... Because it pretty good right now.. Ive managed to put everything in the exactly same place of Mac... And make the shadows as similar as possible Now ill try to change menu fonts and try to add some shadow to Nav Bar Font...
  3. What skin are u using?? Can you show a print-screen of it??
  4. It supports... But it looks really ugly... And again... I dont miss anything until now Everything is working in the way it should be.... And again... Kinsemon can i post the pack?? Ive already made it and i gave all the merits to you for the codes... It includes, userChrome.css and Stylish.txt with all the codes... and a guide explaining how to install everything properly...
  5. I have to disagree... Im using it right now... And its simply perfect... - No bugs - No issues with fonts, menus,... - And looks exactly like on Mac... So why would it be unusable???
  6. wow.. What hell is it supposed to be?!?!?! And i ask for permission to post here the full working code... A result of this whole topic... Because i didnt write anything, but changed some configs.. And i had some problems to put all the code together... Now it is done and i have some free time I was thinking about posting the full code And Instructions explaining how to make FF to look like Safari... I could do it for today... What do you think???
  7. You Rock Kinsemon!! It worked again... But the right value is 150... Its with exactly the same widht of the original one... Really nice!!! Thx!!
  8. Thx!!! It worked perfectly!!! Ive also managed to fix bookmark buttons with your code. Thx so much!!!
  9. Nice topic!!! My FF is much better now!!! But i have the same problem of bSAYZ Do someone know how to fix it?? And what about making one full script to make it easier.. Like, releasing a Full Working Chrome.css... Thx!! _____________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Ive managed to configure it to look like Safari... And its quite nice... But i have some questions: 1) Is there a way to change navigation font and "google" font? 2) How can i fix the arrow position??? Because i had to change font place and now the arrow is too low... 3) Besi
  10. YEah.. Ive tested it here and i didnt like that much... I had the same problem KAWS said... Try to fix this and it will get much better!! Keep it up!! And when Brico Packs is going to be released??
  11. Why dont you do it from 10 to 10... Like 10-20-30... I suck at designing too, but one thing is obvious... Making 10 pictures is a way easier than 100.... And the effect is almost the same...
  12. @delta909 Hey man!! Very nice!!! Really Good work!!! And if you dont mind, can you give me the link to the icons?? I really liked them!!!
  13. 19... just like a lot of others here...
  14. Hey guys, here i am asking for your help once again... This time i need somebody who knows NSIS Script.. What i want to do is: Ive found a open source code of a pack very similar to Flyakite, including a shel32 patcher. Ive already managed to delete other stuff and keep just shell32 installer... But i want to make an option to install or 48px or 128px and maybe more in the future... and there is anything like that in the code, just the code to install only one shell32 (one resolution)... So i need something like a Switch, so that if the person can choose only one option... Thats the code im t
  15. I use Avant Window Navigator (AVN)... and it works fine... There is some bugs, but nothing to worry...
  16. Thx... To hide explorer menu use Styler... Its really easy... And Ive already tested MacSwitch... But it is really useful, and my pc dont support so many apps... About the apps you recommended i think the same... There are no need to use it...
  17. Just amazing, kinsemon!!! ToyCon have the option to be always on top, size options are more organized, more types convetions, you can choose destination.... PERFECT!!!! Thx again!!!
  18. WOW!!! Thats what i call a dedicated person!!! Congratulations for the project/theme!! Really nice!!!
  19. Husaini, its just perfect!!! No problems til now... Thx to all the other, but i dont want a non-free app... Any help with installer???
  20. Yeah... Thats exactly what i want to do.. I want that the icon have for exemple the resolutions: 16/24/32/48/72/96/128... Ill test the programs and later i tell the result. Thx!!
  21. Hey guys... Thats the deal: Ive made a Leopard Shell32 but there are some problems with it and i want to fix it. The problem is that some icons dont show up right, because bad convertion. Ive used AveIconifier to convert pngs to icos. Now im trying to use IcoFX, but it doesnt have the resolutions i need. Thats because shell32 with 128px uses icon with 72px and 96px. Is there any app or even an option at IcoFX to do it??? Take a look at attachment. Notice that there are only the option to convert it to 16/24/32/48/128/256. Also i want to make an installer this time. DZGH_Operator advi
  22. DarkFire

    Help me

    Enter "Folder Options" Menu and select the option to show hidden folder...
  23. Hm.. Ive thought about making a Leopard theme, but there are already too many.. I hate Tiger style... So the only one left is this one.. And i like the stripes.. But ill think about making one without it...
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