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  1. Older MACs uses IE instead of Safari, because MS made Apple use MS programs for a period of time.

    So this icon is really from a MAC, an old MAC, but still an MAC.

    But if you really want to make it right, older MAC's dock wasnt this way. It wasnt 3D... it was a Flat, transparent Dock. It would look nicer and more realistic if you change that..

  2. Aronnax, you've made an incredible job, but plz let us adapt it to windows...

    I think it is better to release a mod than a complete new theme...

    Because if someone release a "new" theme, probably it would be posted in other sites without your name,

    and all the credits would go to the person who release it again...

    Thing that would never happen here, cause in most of the post and even on the mod releases have your name and link for your homepage...

    So, plz think about it and reconsider it...

    and why dont you collect some of the mods we released here and make a windows version of it??

    Because i think with all the codes here it is ready to go...

  3. I dont know what you mean about making the fonts of Firefox like Safari.

    If you mean the Navigation Bar fonts, it is kind impossible to make it look exactly like Safari. And it look really ugly if you set it to bold.

    If you mean the website fonts, you have to use something like GDI++ (Tutorial : http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....6&highlight=GDI). It makes all fonts on your Windows look smoother.

    And if you mean the Tab and Bookmarks fonts, im doing my best to make it look like Safari.

  4. Good News!!!

    Ive Updated the script!!

    I Think it is much better now...



    The main change is the addition of Bookmark Icon.

    The bookmark's name have to be "bookmark" to work, but it is possible to configure it to use with any name. To do it simply change "label="bookmark"" to "label="YourName"" in the end of the code.

    Ive also included the code to add another "Icon Only" bookmark.

    Its configured to use the name "Teste" but you can change it the same way ive explained before

    It also uses a Little House Icon, but you can change that modifying the code:

    list-style-image: url("chrome://browser/skin/home.png") !important;

    To add more icons, just copy any times you want the "Change Icons For other Itens" and change name and image value.


    Update 2:

    - Added the bookmark icon and the code for other icons

    - Fixed fonts/shadows (once again... but now i think it is Ok)

    - Fixed Download Bar Background color

    - Included the necessary Fonts

    Firefox 3 to Safari - Guide - Update 2.zip

  5. Hmm..

    Now ive got it Kinsemon..

    Ill try it later..

    But is there a way to use it without changing the original theme files?

    Im trying to fix menu colors now..

    And im almost there..

    Ive managed to change background color for both window states

    But i cant figure out how to take off the line separator...

    Also ive noticed that the size of hover:active menu light is bigger than hover light...

    Maybe thats the problem, but i dont know how to change it either...

    Any Help???


    One more thing..

    Is there a way to add some shadows to Menu fonts??



    Im not the only one who think like that...

  6. I see..

    But "Minimally usable" its the only i can do...

    Sry for that...

    Im doing my best, but ,just like you probably did, i would have to study a lot to do something better...

    Last night ive spent 3 hours to just change shadows and fonts color...

    Im not even working with the whole code...

    Just with the codes that was posted here and some other that i got on the site that kinsemon posted...

    Also i really dont see the need of so much work, once i think the theme is very good and without major bugs... (not anymore, i think)


  7. WOW!!

    First of all Thx so much for the theme!!!

    Really great job!!

    And Its an honor hearing from you!!!


    But I really didnt undertand many things you said..

    Once you are a professional and im a beginner.

    Actually this is the first time i working with this...

    So I cant do much about it.

    im trying to do this changing the minimum code as possible...

    To not to turn a good code into a horrible one...

    Although, Ill give my best to modify somethings like making the menu usable without hide menu-bar...

    but the only things ive managed to understand how it work, until now, are margin, padding, color, font, shadow.... I dont have any idea about the code you posted do... (after the fonts...)

    My challenge is to fix the major bugs the theme have on Windows

    To make it minimally usable and with a Safari look..

    No matter how many and wich plugins/fonts i have to use..

    Because i think the kind of people that will use this theme on Windows arent the same that will use it on Mac...

    For example, Im sure many people here on Aqua-Sof are using this

    with the same propose that im using: to simply emulate a Safari look

    But personally i think its quite functional, good looking and the best Safari theme for Firefox 3 on Windows by far.

    Your help would be MUCH appreciated, not just by me but for everybody who tries to emulate Mac on Windows.

    Thx again for the theme and for the comment!!!

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