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  1. Older MACs uses IE instead of Safari, because MS made Apple use MS programs for a period of time. So this icon is really from a MAC, an old MAC, but still an MAC. But if you really want to make it right, older MAC's dock wasnt this way. It wasnt 3D... it was a Flat, transparent Dock. It would look nicer and more realistic if you change that..
  2. This might help you... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...43&postcount=97 Cya!!
  3. There is only one thing to say now: WOW!!!! Incredible icons!!! Ive downloaded them all!!! Thx for sharing!!!
  4. YEA!!!! You Rox!!!! Brilliant!!! Perfect!!! Now we have a really nice wallpaper of Dark Knight!!! Because the Official ones really sux!!! Thx Raats!!!
  5. Aronnax, you've made an incredible job, but plz let us adapt it to windows... I think it is better to release a mod than a complete new theme... Because if someone release a "new" theme, probably it would be posted in other sites without your name, and all the credits would go to the person who release it again... Thing that would never happen here, cause in most of the post and even on the mod releases have your name and link for your homepage... So, plz think about it and reconsider it... and why dont you collect some of the mods we released here and make a windows version of it?? Because
  6. Nice Raats!!! Thats what ive always wanted to do but never could... A "Final" release!!! Cheers!!!
  7. Yeah.. Change the theme and also Dock Skin... Its too transparent And why dont you include Styler and Finderbar into the pack?? Oh.. One more thing... Plz, remove the ad from Shutdown window... Really ugly...
  8. i wouldnt put in dangeour my pc for this... But if you really need, Create a new email and give it a try...
  9. He didnt remove Favicon.. It is there on both pictures.. In the first one it is inside the box...
  10. Which one are you using?? Both?? Where did you get the Bookmark button on the bookmark toolbar??? and Does it really open Bookmarks Sidebar??
  11. I dont know what you mean about making the fonts of Firefox like Safari. If you mean the Navigation Bar fonts, it is kind impossible to make it look exactly like Safari. And it look really ugly if you set it to bold. If you mean the website fonts, you have to use something like GDI++ (Tutorial : http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....6&highlight=GDI). It makes all fonts on your Windows look smoother. And if you mean the Tab and Bookmarks fonts, im doing my best to make it look like Safari.
  12. Nah.. My bad.. It was missing Shockwave plugin.. Thats why it crash always at the same page... Ive installed it and now its ok..
  13. Thats exactly what happens to me.. But its not always.. Offtopic: The problem Alabanco said have just happened to me, but it only crashes in the same page, and its not DA. Others page works fine. Very Strange...
  14. My does it too.. But when i click it again automatically becomes normal again.. Just a few times it froze at the inactive window...
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