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  1. Hi, To start i love the slideshow desklet but my only problem is that the pictures do not have any animation effect when changing, Eg. Fade in/out. After searching the internet i found it is possible to do this with javascript so i was wondering if anyone with any experience in JS would be able to implement a simple fade in/out for me. Much Appreciated.
  2. @webran61 It is the actual size of the apple dock on my monitor. Could you please upload a screen shot so i could see it on your resolution?
  3. XWindows Dock 5.6 The closest thing to Leopard's Actual Dock And there is still room for improvement! Download and enjoy By Panta: attachment removed; please read and abide to this forum's rules! There's a thread for publishing skins...
  4. bump I really would like this as a desklet
  5. Would it be easy to make a desklet like automounter to show an icon of a game controller when i plug one in? I have no idea how so any help would be appreciated.
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