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  1. Hello, i'm using vbulletin 3.8.1, and what version of aqua soft skin i must download? Forget, i find the solution. Thanks anyway
  2. Hello, I like have buttons on my language (portugeuse), how can i do it? Another proble i'm having is the profile field doesn't aoear on tipocs (see image)
  3. There is an aqua soft skin for IPb?
  4. Like you can see i don't have icons on footer, how can i put it working? Oh, by the way, can anybody get an icon like that but for e-mail? I'm using phhpbb3
  5. I changed but i put it like default. And i did it directly on file. EDIT: PROBLEM RESOLVED.
  6. I'm trying to put some advertisment on my forum in file aqua skin/template/index_body_html but is giving me this error: [B]Parse error[/B]: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in [B]/home/blogtug/public_html/cache/tpl_as4_index_body.html.php[/B] on line [B]64[/B]I already put that file as the original. www.zona-mac.com
  7. Hello, i'm using theaqua soft skin with phpbb3, and i'll like to put a pub bar on header, something like this but with aqua soft skin design.
  8. Aqua Skin is available for vBulletin and phpbb3 only?
  9. There is some problem with mine, because didn't resolve my problem Tim, maybe some bug...
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