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  1. Matias can you make that stacks look like this SS? http://i41.servimg.com/u/f41/11/81/60/60/2008_510.png It would be great
  2. Well I get the permission so here's the Full Version of Coversutra 2.1 Introducing For CD ART DISPLAY! Credits: Techkno(CD Graphics) http://galaxygui.com/profile.forum?mode=viewprofile&u=741
  3. yes but whithout the room behind
  4. Thanks to everyone i finally found all the icons. What about the magic wand and star it's a nfr mod? or something like that?
  5. Yeah i knew that but how can i make for example the raygun icon look blue and purple...colorize don't do that :S
  6. That's fast Thanks man PS: Another question is there some tutorial for color mods?
  7. I'm lookin for this icons And the magic wand and star icon if you have please :$ Thanks
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