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  1. problem with zeuz osx is that, its not osx like at all, ive seen windowblinds themes more accurate then it, but those themes have too many bugs the closest theme i got to mac osx was leopard V, which came with a navigation button theme, leftsider buttons, and all, just that the max/min/close buttons were off set
  2. exactly why i like leopard over tiger or any other version of mac. every windowblinds skin i use on my vista has got to be leoaprd, its so simple and nice. tiger is brushed and ugly...... but im getting off topic
  3. well i tried windows 7 beta on my other comp, and i still dont like it yes it is a bit better performance wise, then vista, but i still hate the UI. they have to change the UI for me to ever like windows vista or 7
  4. if someone got up and actually made a styler for vista, i would drop down to my knees and worship them and if microsoft took vista, blew it up and remade it, then id gladly make a styler for vista myself......
  5. hi people, ive just started using this, and basically i read every single page of this huge thread. anyways, i got a huge problem my vista home premium is using the korean language, and for some reason, some of the words(where mac symbol should be, and help) has korean symbols mashed into it. i really think this kills my bar. so what id like to know is, can i delete the apple symbol thing? or at least change it to some other word? in english? and also why is there a white box around my mac symbol?(windowsblinds) attatchment:
  6. thanks matonga ur like the biggest helper in this whole forum lol
  7. hey can someone tell me how i can make my findexer look more like this one? ive tried but i cant get mine to looks naything like it:
  8. actually something even better, do the following: 1. download hijakthis, 2. analyze 3. get the log and copy it 4. paste the log here: http://www.2-spyware.com/hjt.php 5. follow the steps given by the site
  9. naw took care of all of them, and some of them i handled using hijakthis
  10. id recommend kapersky antivirus, used it to get out of more then 295 trojan programsXD
  11. im not sure if this problem has been brought up, but when you activate window reflection, it not only reflects the windows, but the dock reflects itself...as in behind the icons if you look, there is another reflection, so the icons have 2 reflections, which kind of kill the dock
  12. do you have windowsblinds on? or is your taskbar skinned? if it is, then reapplying the skin from windowsblinds fixes the proble,m
  13. did you open a explorer window(my computer, etc)? if you did, then go to layout, and click the menu thing.(this should be right under your address bar) then once you click the menu button, the menu bar(file, etc) comes up. Then right click that strip and youll get a bunch of stuff. go to freestyler toolbar, and then its all there. then go to settings on toolbar and click menu bar, to make menu disappear, you can try to make address disappear, but on my vista(home premium) it doesnt stay disappeared.
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