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  1. OMG! I can't believe that it's finally here!!! My congratulations to you BOBAH13, this version runs much smoother, great quality of the icons (suited for Win7), improved preferences, and the most notable improvement of all : you can move the dock, up, bottom, left right!! Can't wait for the final release of XWD 2.0
  2. Windows 7 mate! Win 7 is better, faster, more stable than Windows V**** . At this point, Windows V**** is obsolete.
  3. You have made my day with this news!!! Can't wait!
  4. He's creepy, the kinda reminds me of an evil Mr. Bean :?
  5. It's a desklet form Avedesk. It's called Avetunes (*requires iTunes) I don't remember the skin's name, I think that you can find it on DA. Cheers.
  6. Thanks, really appreciate it
  7. Well, I didn't have any playlists in iTunes 8 , when I installed the new version, all my music & videos where transferred automatically.
  8. iTunes with cover flow: 60,972k iTunes without cover flow: 48,940k iTunes minimized: 49,028k OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
  9. Some screenshots. Love the GUI
  10. Your welcome, personally I kinda know all the joy & frustration while developing an app. I installed .NET 3.5 & it worked! Now I can enjoy the "jell-o effect" on my windows I still have issues with this feature :/ Im using using a visual style, no windows blind or any other software. But, this feature is only or "AERO MODE" or it can work in "BASIC MODE" PS: Thanks again for this cheerful app
  11. Hi, first of all, I would like to thank you for your hard work with this project, and, Im very impressed with many of it's features. Also, I love some "Windows 7" features that your app includes I've been using your app & I'm having some problems with the following effects. Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1-.NET 2.0 Installed-2 GB RAM- INTEL CELERON INSIDE. Issues: Jelly Windows doesn't work Taskbar reflection doesn't reflect windows Can't use the "Toss" effect. Snow Effect doesn't work with XWindows Dock Running
  12. A world where OS X is free to be used in any pc? That's kinda difficult to imagine.
  13. It looks sooooo 90's PS: Thanks for the wallpaper.
  14. LOL My girlfriend's laptop has 2 GB & uses Windows Vista Ultimate & it work kinda sluggish, so, in my opinion, you will need at least 3-4 GB of RAM to run Ultimate, "smoothly".
  15. Just rebooted, worked like a charm, Thanks.
  16. Where's the download link?
  17. Nop. You must have at least 1GB of RAM in your PC, that's a requirement from Vista.
  18. Safari 4 Love it: They moved the tabs below the address bar. Much more faster Feeling of a sleeker GUI Hate it: Doesn't substitute Firefox (Im a PC user) The GUI for PC users (hate the pale colour blue ) It's a memory eater Conclusions: Apple has improve the performance of Safari, is the best web browser for both Mac & PC (if u have the required specs) users
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