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  1. If you want updates on themes go to mozillazine. I no longer wish to participate here - sorry.
  2. ------------------- The Contents Have Been Removed DO NOT CONTINUE THE FLAMEWAR // Seph
  3. Common sense. Mother's usually teach their kids, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything" That's the problem with todays kids - not taught any values and respect.
  4. ------------------- The Contents Have Been Removed DO NOT CONTINUE THE FLAMEWAR // Seph
  5. ------------------- The Contents Have Been Removed DO NOT CONTINUE THE FLAMEWAR // Seph
  6. Here's the release screenshot (will release as soon as there is a solution to the text alignment problem)
  7. lol - figures - I think we know who the stupid guy is and ignorant. My mother is Japanese so that makes me half Japanese. I don't like this forums attitude on this matter. What If I used the "N" word? - I think you need to go back to the 1st grade and learn how to spell Ok I just learned something. Not to refer to the French as Frogs or "cheese eating surrender monkeys" - as informed from this site (very handy info) - I have never heard these terms - but they are in the same caliber as Jap apparently. Besides it's not polite or respectful.. http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary
  8. Being a member of an international forum you should learn that Jap is often used as a disparaging term for a person of Japanese birth or descent - much like other racial slangs that are not appropriate. The word itself does not bother me, it's the ignorance.
  9. Ok. i'm going to introduce the other shade of green that the OS theme uses. I may use this shade as hover for the buttons with hover active to dark green. As it is there is no special color for hover active - I just have it revert back to yellow. Harold Harmon (creator of ProLCD) was kind enough to send me a throbber he created for the theme - shown right corner. I also made a matching progressmeter and i'm going to experiment with tab loading. [img]http://www.q
  10. How do you want your URL and search fields to hover? All Grey hover to yellow - http://www.quickbase.com/up/8q9jbnau/g/rbp.../va/greytoY.gif OR All Yellow hover to green (the icons hover to green- I will have to change text color or use a lighter green) http://www.quickbase.com/up/8q9jbnau/g/rbp...a/yellowtoG.gif
  11. It's pretty much done. I just need a progressmeter (can anyone get it or tell me where?) and a few minor details.
  12. I think the buttons look dull. I'm going to change it. Throbber is next to apple. Also, do you think the url and search should be yellow like the icons and hover to green? Using windows classic theme -
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