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  1. Actually that's all that's needed to fix it. Works like everytime.
  2. No Screenshot: http://beriadon.deviantart.com/art/Nov-Screenshot-104299004
  3. You know you need a life when... haha jk, I got 10 secs
  4. I tried to use that but it just made all my fonts look ugly.
  5. Meh, it works fine enough. I'm not dual booting or switching os's just for this program. I'll probably delete later this week anyways.
  6. LOL, I've thought of switching back to XP many times but I don't think I'll ever do it. Anyone know how to fix the title bar on Vista?
  7. Here is my screenshot. http://beriadon.deviantart.com/art/Screens...th-GDI-98574083 Windows Vista 6.00.6001 Service Pack 1 Screen: 1680 x 1050 x 32 bpp GDI++.DLL Version 8.0.2007.0927 I got it to work with Explorer and Photoshot and Flock, some other apps are working as well. However it doesn't affect everything, like utorrent isn't working ect. Also titlebars aren't working, same with the startmenu. Does anyone know how to make it affect everything? And also KAWSquared, your font is a lot smoother than mine. Could I ask how you managed that?
  8. I'm using the latest version, and I've never even installed avetunes let alone avedesk.
  9. Really? The moment I upgraded to iTunes 8 it stopped working.
  10. As I'm sure all people who've upgraded to iTunes 8 who have cad will know, cad doesn't work with it. Any news when it's going to be fixed/upgraded.
  11. 3 Screenshots. http://beriadon.deviantart.com/art/Aug-Desk-1-of-3-96262933 http://beriadon.deviantart.com/art/Aug-Desk-2-of-3-96263400 http://beriadon.deviantart.com/art/Aug-Desk-3-of-3-96263508
  12. Husaini HB, can I get your background?
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