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  1. try to search XWD skins that are dedicated for v5.6.. try deviantart.. or just type in google. Or if you want, try to study how to convert .smxd skins to .xwd .. (as far as i remember) there is actually a tutorial here in aqua-soft.. just search it.
  2. .smxd skins cannot be used in version 5.6 of xwd.. you can only use .xwd
  3. use leopard transformation pack for vista.. it's cool!
  4. microsoft hasn't even finished fixing vista yet... and now here's the new disaster (i hope not)... WINDOWS 7.
  5. either dead or not, we have to move on. It doesn't mean you have to like the new osx style, but i guess they have what is called "taste".. and so i'll go with them.
  6. that's the first thing i actually consider. the speed of magnification is somewhat slower or has late reaction to the hovering of mouse. i hope this would be fix soon.. but generally, xwindows dock is really great and easy to use.
  7. i've used malwarebytes and it's pretty awesome.. i'm also using spybot search and destroy right now, it protects my pc from spyware infiltrations that run in the background.. its a good spyware-prevention tool. if there is already a problem caused by a spyware, it is better to share with us the specific malfunction so you can easily find the solutions.
  8. where can i get those icons from your dock?.. its sooo beautiful!
  9. is there a quicklook clone for explorer?
  10. maybe technically its good.. but for me its appearance is quite old.. as compared to mac notebooks..
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