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  1. Will you adapt it for iTunes 7 ? Thanks in advance
  2. He use what he wants it is him problem not your problem (and it's not really a problem, everyone doesn't have the same tastes, you know)... Luna is windows Xp official theme
  3. Have you said your school that you will use a mac with mac os x to connect to their network ? if it's yes they're stupid...
  4. Simple but very nice icon ! thank you for sharing
  5. Why do you still use Firefox 1.0.6 ?
  6. Why should it be illegal ? In france you've the right to share movies or music in the family why not software ? (private copy)... And seriously photoshop is a very good software but also a very expensive software, I don't know many private individuals that buy photoshop ... So let us return on the subject, Chazoul was only asking the question if with his PC Photoshop CS2 will work fine... Personaly I use Photoshop CS2 with a P4 Northwood (the first generation of P4) 2.4 Ghz and 1 GB of Ram and it works pretty fine. Naturally I think there are improvements but I don't know which because I'm not
  7. You have also VLC for mac, I think it's the best video player you can use because it work without codecs and can read many files type... Search for VLC on google.
  8. Another Nice Wall from you .... nice release ...
  9. I know there's other threads here that speak about the same problem with a non-cracked version of windowblinds
  10. It's a windowblinds 5 bug, which append with the cracked version...
  11. I try it right now !!! thank you so much
  12. Another awesome release continue your great work
  13. For the swap, make it the double of size of your ram so if you've 512 MB of ram you make a swap of 1024 MB. And for the boot sector make one of 150 MB but it's not an obligation if you don't make one it should be (in recent distro) made automatically.
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