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  1. Really i can't see why anyone would want to change a new OP system to look like another. Win7 is great and has a lot of customization in it, you can eve get a MAC pack if you want. Wait 2 years and then maybe stat thinking about adding non genuine theme's. Just my thoughts ,that's all
  2. Winstep Nexus dock,its fantastic. It even tells you the time every hour in this sexy;-) voice ,heaps of visual options as well
  3. Nexux by Winstep is also pretty good, hope you not confused now as to which dock is the bect :-)
  4. Hi. I have read just about most of this thread but cant find an answer to my question I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.Love it. I have installed Standalone Stack and it works fine and i really like it. Now to mt question,i would like to change the folders and file icons (png)to my liking. So how do i do this so the when i open my stack i don't just get the blue MAC folder. But i would like to still keep that color folder as well. Can anyone help me with this? Cheers and Have a good day :-)
  5. I had this on my XP a while back but i had to get a C:\ drive put in my pc and lost it,now i cant remember what it was called. It was a add-on ,replacement ,whatever for the left hand pane in Explorer and made Explorer look a hell of a nicer. Does anyone know what i am waffling on about?
  6. no i haven't tried it yet but i will.thanks for the reply :-)
  7. n00b question.please be kind.can i use this dock at the same time as using Objectdock?
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