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  1. Yeah it was working fine before and I didn't really change anything but add another internal HD to my system, rebooted and I noticed my dock wasn't booting up in my start up folder, etc. I just played with it earlier today by changing the folder name and now it runs fine, I can make changes and everything. I just find it weird that it just randomly did what it did outta nowhere.
  2. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the past 2 days my RK Launcher (0.41 build) just isn't doing what I want it to do, it just randomly just started doing this. First off it's not starting up when I boot my PC, I've tried through the program's settings and I've tried the shortcut way (create shortcut and add to the startup folder) with no luck whatsoever. Second, when I do have it running I can't do the simple drag and drop on the dock, it won't let me even when it's unlocked! I just get the typical "X". I've tried searching through the forum but maybe I've overlooked or didn't type in
  3. How do I disable the fast reply option? I've tried clicking on the "close" portion but as I reload the page or go to another thread it pops back up again, also tried going through "My Controls" settings but no luck, is it set by default or something?
  4. It'd be cheaper to get it with a contract. Best places to search for a iPhone is either eBay or Craiglist but be prepared to spend no less than $300.
  5. ^Both of those are clean, nice shots.
  6. Looks like to me you gonna have to be makin' a shit load of icons, searching for movie covers/DVD covers, etc. to acheive what you want. Look at Pinky's screens, basically showing you how it was done. Maybe Pinky could spare the .psd for you?
  7. lol @ this thread, pure comedy!
  8. I doubt it.. he mentioned that it was similar to Ghostwalker's theme but with less transparency. From him sayin' that I just thought all he did was modded his theme. :slant: Anyways.. where'd he go? He like ghost the thread.
  9. Eh.. Bump glad I aint make a thread on this searchin' ftw. Just out of curiosity Im tryin' to figure out this problem myself but no luck. Has anyone manage to make it work?
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