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  1. my sis's school has really cool computers running a *nix os they made
  2. nice! i can't wait to get those iCons
  3. i can't believe ss is still not compatible with leopard. man its been so long and beta versions don't sound stable enough
  4. man it crashed my computer! good thing it has an uninstall package!!
  5. Yeah thats pretty lucky but I just found out cancelation for me is only 30$. I really want an 3G iPhone soo bad so hopefully i will get one before december. I heard that you can only buy the iPhone now at the apple store only and you have to get a contract in the specific apple store. (probably for people who unlocked their phones). I only live near one apple store and the ATT stores near us suck.
  6. i can't wait till december because my verizon plan is over!!! 3G iPhone here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Too Bad no iSight camera for the Cinema Displays yet...
  8. that doesn't say anything about going forward in time...
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