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  1. a. video card drivers. b. take ownership of the file or folder. />http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421
  2. You can get a 24" Asus for less than $250. I suggest you research more, theres better deals out there. If you're looking for a 23" you should see dell monitors, those are good.
  3. Congratulations BOBAH The new dock looks great!!
  4. This is what I'm talking about, having the dock be one piece, then the rest of the parts (indicator,separator and edge) Sounds great
  5. This is great news. Thanks BOBAH ^^ One suggestion, maybe people have told you about it... If you could please change the method skins are made, if it could be similar to the OS X dock it would be fantastic. Its pretty much the only issue I had with XWD.
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