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  1. I am sure you have tried this already. either reset the bios with appropriate jumpers (should be a two pin jumper and three pins on board, you move the jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 to reset and back to 1-2 or similar. That jumper should be close to the battery. Or remove the battery for some time to clear the CMOS and hope it recovers. Otherwise I'd say something got fried for good on the mobo and you are on the right track by getting a replacement. good luck
  2. hey, you are teasing us. "Say Hello", can't wait for the version that has it all enabled. thank you
  3. wow, how simple is that? hey, thanks for the tip. I had this with v1 all the time and eventually just gave up on it. I never thought of dragging any icon... works great. just verified this behavior again with v1 of the docklet in latest OD. This happened to me with the new docklet after its first release as well (haven't tried latest). Good to know this simple trick. thank you while I was trying with the "magnification stuck" problem I noticed sth else. when I open two docklets in the latest build of v2 I get the dock magnification stuck consistently. Once the mag is stuck I can still open t
  4. when I open an application that requires UA elevation OD crashes. The same happens if the icon doesn't have a correct app path. in this case it reports an error and then crashes. This works fine in the older stack docklet.
  5. great to see a new version of this. looks slick with the mirroring. running on Vista 64bit using latest OD (1.9 535u). does not work at top of screen. I can add stack icon but when I choose properties, the property window moves off screen (towards top) and I can't move it at all (I can see the edge of it). I can close it from the vista menu bar. when I move the dock to the bottom it works fine. I cannot change the name of the stack and it doesn't take the name of the folder I point it to. I guess this will be available in future releases. My links are nested in a folder on the desktop. Only a
  6. I am on Vista Ultimate. All I ever had to do was to take ownership of the rocketdock folder and it's subfolders (Right click folder go to properties, then Security and add yourself with full permissions). I never had problems with saving settings since then. No need to disable UAC (but maybe what I did above has the same effect). cheers
  7. hi, just signed up for the board. first I'd like to thank you for this great docklet, it's very cool. I have been using it in the last three versions with Stardock ObjectDock Pro. Under my Vista Ultimate the most recent dll is listed as v., with file version When I add the folder into the Stardock ObjectDock folder it's listed as v0.9 under my docklets and I don't think that has changed much recently. Does this make sense or am I running an older ghost copy? Stardock is notorious for having their files all over the place and I am not always sure that copying it to the fo
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